Richard N. Gateman

Richard N. Gateman
Phi Alpha CXXVIII (2002-2004)

Rick Gateman was initiated into the Chi Gamma chapter of Zeta Psi at the University of Calgary
in November, 1977. A small, ground-breaking Canadian chapter, not only was Chi Gamma the
first Greek letter fraternity on campus, for the ten years prior and a number of years after it was
the only fraternity on campus. Rick held a number of officer positions in the chapter, including
Phi. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 1981, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Political Science. He followed that up with a Law degree from the University of Western Ontario,
in 1984.

In 1988, Rick chaired the organizing committee for the 141 st annual Zeta Psi convention, the first ever to be held in the City of Calgary. In 1989, he was invited to join the Board of Trustees of the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation. Over the following years he held the offices of Secretary and
Vice President of the Foundation as well as Delta Alpha, Sigma Alpha and Alpha Phi of Zeta Psi
Fraternity of North America. Concurrently, he was a long-time Director and President of the Zeta
Psi Foundation of Canada. In 2002 he became the President of Zeta Psi Educational
Foundation and Phi Alpha CXXVIII of the Fraternity, serving a two-year term.

During his tenure as Phi Alpha, Rick initiated the creation of Zete Kids and the Star Points
Program. He also made a point of visiting numerous undergraduate chapters in person. He
received Zeta Psi’s Distinguished Service Award at the San Francisco convention in 2012.

In his professional career, Rick has over 35 years of business development and legal experience
in the Canadian oil and gas industry. For the vast majority of those years he has been with TC
Energy Corporation (formerly known as TransCanada Corporation). Currently, he is Vice-
President, Business Development for the Canada Gas division. He also serves as the President
of Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd., a wholly-owned TC Energy subsidiary and previously
served as the President of Coastal GasLink Pipeline Ltd. which is currently constructing a multi-
billion-dollar pipeline project which will transport natural gas to Canada’s west coast for
liquefaction and export to Asian markets. Rick also serves on the Board of Directors of a junior oil
and gas producer company and a large property development company based in Toronto.

Rick and Donna Gateman at the 2002 Calgary Convention

Rick continues to reside in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Donna and two sons, Eric and Connor.

The Gateman family, 2002