Since 1947, the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation remains one of the most vital mechanisms of our brotherhood. Our goal is to deliver the promises of Zeta Psi to our individual members. Through the generous support of our members, the Foundation is able to provide brothers with world-class leadership training, networking opportunities and scholarships. To this end, the Foundation works to support our core mission of advancing the academic, personal and professional development of our undergraduates.

Promote excellence in scholarship and the lifelong development of character, leadership and professional success to all members of Zeta Psi by providing outstanding educational programming and scholarships. Coordinate such efforts with Zeta Psi Fraternity to make it the preeminent experience among university-affiliated programs.

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Our Impact

The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation offers invaluable resources to our students through a multifaceted approach. Our various educational, professional and scholarship programs effectively equip students with the skills they need in order to succeed in their post-secondary lives.