Follett W. Bull

Follett W. Bull, Xi, 1893, Phi Alpha 1923-1924

Born on June 30, 1870, Follett W. Bull, Xi, 1893, was a successful attorney in Chicago.

Brother Bull was General Counsel of Security Life Insurance Company and had his own
law practice. He was active in the Chicago Bar Association serving as secretary and
treasurer and the Illinois State Bar Association. He was also an officer in the Civil
Service Reform Association from 1897 to 1904. Brother Bull was also president of the
Photograph Company of America in Chicago.

One of Brother Bull’s more noteworthy trials was his representation of William Lester,
the coal mine owner, during the United Mine Workers of America’s strike and
subsequent violence in Herrin County, Illinois in 1922.

Brother Bull was active in the Xi (University of Michigan) Alumni Association throughout
his life and his son, L. Perkins, followed him into the chapter.

During his term as Phi Alpha, Brother Bull, a strong supporter of the Sigma Zeta (UCLA)
chapter’s chartering, led the Grand Chapter through two challenging meetings in 1924
with a constitutional amendment required to obtain the eventual approval of the charter.