Charles A. Moss

Major Charles A. Moss, Theta Xi, 1894, Phi Alpha 1909-1910

Photo of Charles Moss.

Major Charles A. Moss, Theta Xi, 1894, was a leading attorney in. Toronto. His father, Sir Charles Moss and uncle, Honorable Thomas Moss, served as Chief Justices of Ontario. Brother Moss practiced law with the firm of Aylesworth, Moss, Wright & Thompson. He was elected a Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1911 and was among the leaders when re-elected in 1915. In 1914 he was the treasurer for the Ontario Bar Association.

He was the head boy at the University of Toronto.

During his tenure as Phi Alpha, Brother Moss traveled from Toronto to Champlain-Urbana for the installation of the legacy Comus Club into the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Zeta Psi in 1909.

He served during World War I as a Major with the Canadian Infantry, in the Central Ontario Regiment, and succumbed to wounds received in action at Regina Trench, France, in the hospital at Rouen on October 24, 1916.