Asa J. Baber

Asa J. Baber, Alpha Epsilon 1928, Phi Alpha 1955-1956

Picture of Asa Barber.Asa J. Baber, Alpha Epsilon 1928, was a respected bank trust and title official and civic leader.

“Jim” was assistant vice president of the Chicago Title and Trust Company and served as president of the Chicago Life and Trust Council and the Chicago Estate Planning Council. He was treasurer of the University of Illinois Alumni Association from 1950-1957; president of Faulkner School for Girls and a lecturer in Northwestern University’s Department of Trust Development.

For Zeta Psi, Brother Baber was “never too busy to help the active chapter in Champaign-Urbana” (Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, Double-Diamond Jubilee, 1997) and in time became a Regional Director and rose through the Executive
Committee to become Alpha Phi Alpha and Phi Alpha.

As Phi Alpha, he encouraged the fraternity to pursue expansion and created a
committee to focus on that pursuit. In addition, he established a Committee for
Tradition and Spiritual Values.