Ellis Ames Ballard

Ellis Ames Ballard, Sigma, 1881, Phi Alpha 1919-1920

Ellis Ames Ballard, Sigma, 1881, was initiated into the fraternity at the University of Pennsylvania. When he was an undergraduate, two of his fellow brothers at Penn, Gustavus Remak, Jr. and J. Somers Smith,  later served as Phi Alphas. As Phi Alpha, he was instrumental in persuading the local Brooks Club at the University of Washington to become a chapter of Zeta Psi in 1920.

Ballard was a noted corporate attorney and public utilities expert who founded , a nationally recognized law firm, Ballard Spahr.

Ballard was the possessor of one of the world’s largest collections of the works of Rudyard Kipling. He also authored “Equity in Pennsylvania, ” which is still available today, via Amazon.

Several descendants of Ellis A. Ballard followed him into Zeta Psi.

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