Edward C. Mitchell

Edward Coppee Mitchell, Sigma, 1855, Phi Alpha 1879-1880

Edward Coppee Mitchell, Sigma, 1855, was an attorney and a nationally-recognized legal educator. He joined the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 1872 when he was elected the chair of the Law of Real
Estate, Conveyancing and Equity Jurisprudence. He held the faculty position until his death in 1886. In 1874, he was named the Dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law

He was one of the country’s leading authorities on real estate law. Among his works on the subject are “Separate Use in Pennsylvania,” Contracts for the Sale of
Land in Pennsylvania” and “the Equitable Relation of the Buyer and Seller under Contract before conveyance.” These books as well as others written by him were some
of the most used texts for the teaching and understanding of real estate law.

Brother Mitchell was also a civic leader. He served as one of the first vice presidents of
the University of Pennsylvania Athletic Association when it was established in 1882. In
addition, he was a member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Public Charities and of
the Board of the Fairmount Park Commission.

Dr. Mitchell was a senior member of the Masonic Order and served as Right Worshipful
Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania from 1885-1886. W.C. Fields was a
member of E. Coppee Mitchell Lodge No. 605 in Philadelphia.

Brother Mitchell was an early member of the Sigma chapter, which was established in
1850, and showed his love and devotion to the local and national organizations
throughout his life.