John Meigs

John Meigs, Tau, 1871, Phi Alpha 1876-1877

John Meigs, Tau, 1871, was among the foremost educators of his
time. Immediately following graduation, Lafayette College hired him as an instructor and four years later promoted Meigs to be an assistant professor.

In 1876, he left Lafayette to succeed his father as Headmaster of The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. During his thirty five year tenure (1876-1911), The Hill School gained in size and stature “to become one of the great secondary schools of the country. It might be said to bear the same relation to the English public schools of Rugby, Eton and Westminster that American college bears to the English universities.” In the early
twentieth century, The Hill School was a feeder school for Princeton University and other higher education institutions of note. Meigs was also a director of the Union Theological Seminary.

Brother Meigs was a lifetime positive force with the Tau chapter and the national

Walter Russell Bowie authored “The Master of The Hill, a Biography of John Meigs” in