Risk Management Policy

All brothers, new members, and guests are expected to adhere to Zeta Psi’s risk management policy at all times. Download the most updated version of this document.

Policy on Hazing

Zeta Psi Fraternity prohibits hazing in any form. Hazing is an action taken or situation created, whether on or off University or Chapter premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is also considered to be the creation of a situation, which results in or might result in mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule, including involuntary servitude, often called “personal favors.” Both individuals and organizations may be held accountable for such activity.


Sexual Misconduct Prevention Pledge

As a brother of Zeta Psi, I believe it is important to create a safe environment in which sexual misconduct is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

I will not tolerate or condone any form of sexual misconduct or abuse – whether physical, mental, or emotional.

I will hold as unacceptable any actions, activities, or events perpetrated by either an individual or a group of individuals which are demeaning to people, whether occurring online, on chapter premises, or at another location including but not limited to: verbal or sexual harassment, stalking, relationship violence, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct

I recognize that non-consensual actions of a sexual nature constitute sexual misconduct. I will safely intervene and report situations where consent has not or cannot be given and encourage my brothers to do the same.

Through active chapter education and elder chapter participation, I hope to prevent sexual misconduct and strengthen the communities in which we live.