David Busacca

David Busacca – Tau Delta Chapter – Lehigh University, 1973

Headshot of Dave Busacca. I became one of the founders of Tau Delta Chapter at Lehigh, May 1973. Our “local” group took over the Tau Delta Phi house which had folded, hence the chapter name. An active for all of 2 weeks, I helped establish the new Tau Delta Elders Association and became active with the International a few years later.  Serving on a variety of committees and eventually officers, on the Fraternity and Foundation boards until I was elected Phi Alpha number CXXXII and President of the Foundation in 2000, and served a two year term. After my term as as Phi Alpha,  I Continued to assist the Fraternity as General Counsel for several years.

I was honored to receive the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) at the Washington, DC Convention in 2013.  Soon after I retired from the Boards, the Fraternity decided to fully separate the Foundation (which always had separate boards) from the Fraternity and elected separate Foundation officers in 2018. I was honored to be elected the first President of the Foundation (the second time) who was not also an officer of the fraternity.

After 33 years with Chrysler Corporation, I retired in 2006 as Manager of Warranty Litigation, North America in 2006. Eventually I made my way to San Diego where I now reside.