Newton H. Porter, Jr.

Newton H. Porter, Jr. Delta, 1928, Phi Alpha 1958-1959

Newton H. Porter, Jr. Delta, 1928, was a successful attorney and civic leader in Montclair, New Jersey. As an undergraduate, he was the fraternity President as a senior and Advertising Manager for the campus humor magazine, the Chanticleer.

He received his law degree from Mercer Beasley School of Law (now Rutgers School of Law-Newark) and was admitted to the bar in 1931. He was a partner in the firm of Porter & Hobart in Montclair for thirty years.

Brother Porter was president of the Montclair Bar Association, served on the local Advisory Board for World War II Draft Registrants and was a member of the community planning board for decades in Montclair. He was the township attorney for the Township of Caldwell, New Jersey, a New Jersey Supreme Court Commissioner, a special master in the New Jersey Chancery and a delegate to the 1947 New Jersey Constitutional Convention.

Brother Porter was the anchor of the Delta Elder Association for many years and served
as the chapter’s attorney. He was the lead attorney for six of the campus’ fraternities,
including Zeta Psi, in an important real estate tax case in 1940 (City of New Brunswick
versus Upsilon Chapter of Delta Phi Fraternity). He was also Vice President of the Zeta
Psi Club of New York.

His brother, Richard Porter, followed him into the Delta chapter and graduated in the Class of

Henry Elliot Εta ’45, Phi Alpha Newton H Porter Jr. Delta ’27 , Dick Childs Pi ’60, Willian V A Waterman, Eta ’06, Assistant General Sec Ed Sitts, Rho ’58, and Ed Etess Pi ’59.