Andrew Kirkpatrick

Andrew Kirkpatrick, Delta/Theta (Union College), 1863, Phi Alpha 1880-1881

Andrew Kirkpatrick, Delta/Theta (Union College) 1863, was initiated at the Rutgers Chapter, and after two years, transferred to Union College, the original Theta Chapter, where he graduated in 1863.
He was a noted attorney and judge in New Jersey. His grandfather, whom he was named after, served as the Chief Justice on the New Jersey Supreme Court and as a trustee of the College of New Jersey (Princeton) and Rutgers University.
Brother Kirkpatrick practiced law in Newark from 1865 to 1885 and was a judge of the Court of Common Appeals for Essex County from 1885 to 1896. He was appointed to the United States District Court of the District of New Jersey in 1896 and served until his death in 1904.
Brother Kirkpatrick was described as “an ardent” brother serving the Fraternity as Sigma
Alpha and Alpha Phi Alpha before being elected Phi Alpha.
Judge Kirkpatrick’s Portrait