Rev. Dr. John H. Raven

Rev. Dr. John H. Raven, D.D., Delta, 1891, Phi Alpha 1912-1913

Rev. Dr. John H. Raven, D.D., Delta, 1891, Doctor of Divinity, Rutgers University, 1899, was a leading theologian dedicated to the Delta chapter at Rutgers University, the University and Zeta Psi.

He was president of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and a Trustee of Rutgers
University from 1914 to his death in 1949, serving as Secretary of the Board from 1922 to 1940.

Brother Raven was a Professor of Old Testament Language and Exegesis at the Seminary from 1899 to 1939. From 1910- 1913, he was a lecturer on the English Bible at Rutgers University and lecturer in Old Testament at Princeton Seminary from 1926-1931. He was the author of seven books. Including “The History of the Religion of Israel”, published in 1933, and “Old Testament and Introduction: General and Special,” written and published prior to 1923. Both are now in the public domain and also available on Amazon.

Brother Raven’s enthusiastic support of the Delta chapter never waned during his declining years. In the early 1940s, he established the Raven Cup which was awarded annually to the Zete freshman compiling the best scholastic average. He passed away on February 25, 1949.  Among the pallbearers at his funeral was Dr. John V.N. Dorr, a fellow Delta Brother and a past Phi Alpha of Zeta Psi.

New Brunswick Theological Seminary faculty in 1904, included (left to right) John Preston Searle, John Howard Raven, Samuel Merrill Woodbridge, William Henry Steele Demarest, John Hamilton Gillespie, and Ferdinand Schureman Schenck.