Leadership Training Institutes

The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation presents seminars teach leadership skills above and beyond what one traditionally learns in school. While the topics vary from year to year and from session to session, they traditionally focus on two issues – how to create and manage successful fraternity chapters, and how to prepare our members for success in life and their careers after college.

Chicago LTI, Spring 2023


The LTI program offers sessions at each Zeta Psi Convention, at a series of regional conferences, and for new Presidents at the Kirby Presidents Conference.  To ensure all member can access educational training, the Foundation has chosen to return to in-person regional conferences and is still offering online courses.

What our participants are saying:

“What I really appreciate about the virtual LTIs is that they bring expert advice from across the fraternity (and the FSL world) to the home of a student. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and provides a great addition to the in-person opportunities that this organization provides. Another great thing about the virtual LTIs is that there are sessions relating to professional development topics such as resume building. One virtual LTI that really stood out to me is “Red Pill versus Blue Pill” by Br. Robert Edgemon; it provided information on effective chapter evaluation techniques. Another LTI which I found to be meaningful is the History of FSL session (hosted by Chris Hager and Caitlyn Westfall). I found that one to be particular interesting since I have friends in other FSL organizations and it provided historical knowledge on the greater FSL system that my friends, brothers, and myself are apart of.” -Adam Diri, Zeta Tau (Michigan State) ’24

“One of the big reasons I love attending LTIs is because I get to hear ideas from people that may be thinking outside the box. One of our best recruitment events in the last couple years actually came from a suggestion I heard from someone presenting at an LTI, and I wouldn’t have heard that anywhere else. I’m really grateful for that as it’s things like this that keep me wanting to go back and hear what everyone has to offer.” -Kieran Doherty, Theta Psi (Queen’s) ’25

In-Person LTI Programs:

Our Leadership Training Institute sessions for Spring 2024 have concluded; the Fall 2024 schedule will be announced soon.

Virtual LTI Programs

The Foundation offers a variety of programs virtually through Zoom and our Learning Management System. You can sign up for one of our virtual leadership training institutes (VLTIs) through the MyZete system. To access this, follow the link below to the Events page. The fall schedule below is updated regularly so check back often for new classes being added! Some classes are offered more than once.
Link to MyZete Events

Schedule of VLTIs: SPRING 2024

*Note: all times listed are Eastern time

Balancing Your Chapter Budget–April 4, 6:00 ET
Presented by OmegaFi

Level Up Your Philanthropy–April 9, 6:00 ET
Presented by CrowdChange

Refresh Your New Member Education–April 11, 7:00 ET
Presented by Launchpoint Solutions

Emergency Preparedness–April 17, 7:00 ET
Presented by Alpha Fraternity Management
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Is your chapter prepared for an emergency? We’re all pretty good at dealing with common emergencies like a fire, water leaks — and we’ll talk about them. But were you prepared for COVID-19? Do you know how to avoid a financial emergency? Would you know what to do in a situation that takes your kitchen down or how to avoid a kitchen emergency altogether?

Write It Right: Resumé Writing Workshop–April 18, 7:00 ET
Presented by Maurice Ducoing, Phi Alpha of Zeta Psi International Fraternity
This session offers invaluable insights and strategies to create standout resumes that showcase your unique skills and experiences. From highlighting leadership roles within your fraternity to effectively communicating your strengths and accomplishments, this workshop equips you with the tools to impress employers and secure coveted opportunities.

Goal Setting For Success–April 22, 8:00 ET
Presented by Will Woldenberg, Educational Foundation President & Phi Alpha CXXXIX
Learn practical strategies for setting meaningful goals, developing actionable plans, and staying motivated throughout your journey. Whether you aspire to academic excellence, leadership roles, or personal growth, this workshop empowers you to define your path and conquer challenges with confidence.

Recognizing A Failing House Before It’s Too Late–April 23, 7:00 ET
Presented by Alpha Fraternity Management
Negative cash flow. Declining recruitment. Empty beds. Can you recognize a problem before it’s too late? Once you’ve identified a problem, how do you fix it? What are some options?

Ready For Recruitment?–April 24, 6:00 ET
Presented by Beckett Navarrette, Zeta Psi Headquarters
Have you established the details for your summer or fall recruitment? Do you feel equipped to meet your new member goals? Join Beckett Navarrette, Associate Director of Chapter Services & Expansion to prepare your chapter for recruitment and put your mind at ease when you return in the fall!