Leadership Training Institutes

The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation presents seminars teach leadership skills above and beyond what one traditionally learns in school. While the topics vary from year to year and from session to session, they traditionally focus on two issues – how to create and manage successful fraternity chapters, and how to prepare our members for success in life and their careers after college.

Chicago LTI, Spring 2023


The LTI program offers sessions at each Zeta Psi Convention, at a series of regional conferences, and for new Presidents at the Kirby Presidents Conference.  To ensure all member can access educational training, the Foundation has chosen to return to in-person regional conferences and is still offering online courses.

What our participants are saying:

“What I really appreciate about the virtual LTIs is that they bring expert advice from across the fraternity (and the FSL world) to the home of a student. It’s convenient, easily accessible, and provides a great addition to the in-person opportunities that this organization provides. Another great thing about the virtual LTIs is that there are sessions relating to professional development topics such as resume building.” -Adam Diri, Zeta Tau (Michigan State) ’24

“One of the big reasons I love attending LTIs is because I get to hear ideas from people that may be thinking outside the box. One of our best recruitment events in the last couple years actually came from a suggestion I heard from someone presenting at an LTI, and I wouldn’t have heard that anywhere else. I’m really grateful for that as it’s things like this that keep me wanting to go back and hear what everyone has to offer.” -Kieran Doherty, Theta Psi (Queen’s) ’25

In-Person LTI Programs:

Our Leadership Training Institute sessions for Spring 2024 have concluded; the Fall 2024 schedule will be announced soon.

Virtual LTI Programs

The Foundation offers a variety of programs virtually through Zoom and our Learning Management System. You can sign up for one of our virtual leadership training institutes (VLTIs) through the MyZete system.
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2023/2024 education update


This spring, our virtual Leadership Training Institute achieved resounding success, with 493 members participating in 18 sessions. Covering a spectrum of topics including personal and professional development, alongside general leadership and chapter operations, the presentations featured contributions from esteemed presenters including vendor partners, Executive Committee members, and IHQ staff members.

In-Person LTIs:

In a historic event, the Leadership Training Institute held in Toronto, Canada, also served as the first Canadian Greek Summit. This gathering brought representatives from seven chapters across Ontario, including 59 undergraduate members and 2 vendors (The 1847 Club & CrowdChange). Notably, attendees from Alpha Delta Phi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and Phi Gamma Delta were present, marking a collaborative milestone. We were also joined by Will Foran on behalf of the North American Interfraternity Conference. This interfraternal education summit stands as a pioneering initiative, representing the first of its kind in Canada, signaling a significant step forward in fostering leadership and cooperation within the fraternity community.