Charles H. Skillman

Charles H. Skillman, Delta, 1851, Phi Alpha 1855-1856

Charles H. Skillman, Delta, 1851,  was in the second graduating class of the Delta chapter at Rutgers University, was the twelfth initiate and served as the Phi (president) of the chapter.

He was ordained a presbyterian minister after graduating from Princeton Seminary in 1855.
Brother Skillman’s first pastoral assignment was in Rockwell’s Falls, New York. He then
led a congregation for six years in Eatonville, Georgia.

In 1855, Brother Skillman was elected the sixth Phi Alpha of the fraternity. During his
tenure, Zeta Psi chartered the Kappa chapter at Tufts University and the original Theta
chapter at Union College in 1856.

Brother Skillman passed away on April 19,1862 in Eatonville,Georgia, six months before his thirtieth birthday.