Kenneth Cameron

Kenneth Cameron, M.D., Alpha Psi, 1887, Phi Alpha 1899-1900

Kenneth Cameron, M.D., Alpha Psi, 1887, was a distinguished physician and surgeon in Montreal and within the Canadian military. He received his A.B Degree in 1884 from McGill with the Logan Gold Medal and first-class honors in Natural Science. He received his Medical Degree in 1887.

Dr. Cameron was a surgeon at Montreal General Hospital from 1894 to 1918. He also
taught at McGill Medical College and served on the editorial board of the Montreal
Medical Journal. He was an officer for many years of the Montreal Medico-Chirurgical
Society and was the society’s president from 1920-1921.

Brother Cameron was active in the militia for many years and rose to the rank of
lieutenant colonel in 1907. When World War I broke out, he was deputy director of
medical services of Military District No. 4. He went overseas with the First Contingent
as second in command and was later promoted to commanding officer of the surgical
division of the hospital. In February 1916, he was given command of No.2 Canadian
General Hospital and was promoted to colonel in December 1916. He returned to
Canada in 1918 and commanded St. Anne’ Military Hospital until 1920. Brother
Cameron wrote the History of No.1 General Hospital, Canadian Expedition Force, which
was published in 1938.

Within Zeta Psi, he was a constant resource for the Alpha Psi chapter at McGill and
wrote its history in The History of Zeta Psi by Marshall S. Brown in 1899. As Phi Alpha,
he had the honor of installing the newly chartered Alpha Beta chapter at the University
of Minnesota on August 26, 1899.

Brother Cameron was born on August 1, 1863 and passed away on December 25,