Max Schwerin, Jr.

Max Schwerin, Jr., Theta (Union College), 1870, Phi Alpha 1883-1884

Max Schwerin, Jr., Theta (Union College), 1870, was an attorney with a life-long commitment to Zeta Psi.

Brother Schwerin, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Union, practiced law in
Norwich, Connecticut and New York City. In 1884, he moved to California because of
ill-health and spent the last years of his life collecting biographical data concerning
members of Zeta Psi, much of which was used in Marshall S. Brown’s Semicentennial
Biographical Catalogue of the Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America, copyright 1900.

Brother Schwerin’s brother, Henry Remsen, Theta 1863, is a gallant illustration of Zeta
Psi brotherhood in its history. Brother Schwerin was captain in the 119th New York
Volunteers who was mortally wounded in the Battle of Chancellorsville, taken prisoner
and cared for by Zetes in the Confederate Army, who returned his watch, Zeta Psi pin,
sword and personal effects to his family. Henry Remsen was buried in Schenectady,
New York.

During his tenure as Phi Alpha, the Fraternity chartered the Alpha Psi chapter at McGill
University and the Nu chapter at Case Western Reserve University.

Brother Schwerin was born on March 11, 1850 and died in Los Angeles on February 13,