Andrew M. Nunez

Andrew M. Nunez, Iota Alpha ‘94, Phi Alpha 2012-2014

Photo of Andrew Nunez.

Andrew Nunez has long been an influential leader for Zeta Psi. He has held most of the top leadership positions in the organization, including President of his local chapter and Alumni Association. He was also a member of the IHQ professional staff and served as the Executive Director of the International Fraternity from 1995-1998.

At the Grand Chapter level, Andrew was a member of the Executive Committee for the International Foundation and Fraternity for over 15 years. He held various Committee and Executive officer positions, including Delta Alpha and Gamma Alpha.  He was one of the youngest to ever serve as Phi Alpha (CXXXIV from 2012-2014).  He is very proud of his service to the organization and still works with his local chapter, Iota Alpha (Texas).

At the 2022 Zeta Psi Convention in Brooklyn, NY, Andy was awarded Zeta Psi’s highest individual honor, the Distinguished Service Award.

Andrew’s Zeta Psi pedigree goes back to his father, John Nunez, who was a Zete at the Phi (NYU) Chapter. Not wanting his son to be biased about Greek Life, John did not tell his son has was a member of Zeta Psi when Andrew committed to attending The University of Texas.  Instead, he contacted another future Phi Alpha from the University of Texas, Dave Hunter, the local alumni president at the time.  Upon returning home for the first time after being initiated as a Brother, a shocked Andrew was greeted by his father in the traditional manner of Zeta Psi. Thus, his Zete journey began.

Professionally, Andrew is an industry leader with broad operational and business development experience. He is a builder of organizations that has helped lead several businesses to success in the business management application consulting, and technology sector.  This time includes ten years establishing the highly successful East Coast offices for a consulting firm with other Zetes.

Currently, he is the Chief Revenue Officer at SWK Technologies.  There he has built the sales and revenue operations that have driven significant acquisition and organic revenue growth. During his time at SWK, the company grew from a tiny privately-held regional business to an international publicly-traded (NASDAQ) company.  He leads a team of almost two hundred professionals that include a broad spectrum of Sales, Channel, Marketing, and Operational profiles. He credits what he learned at Zeta Psi as an undergraduate, alumni, and professional staff for much of his business success.

Besides Zeta Psi, Andrew volunteers his time to several local charities in the Hudson Valley, NY, where he lives with his wife of over 20 years, Heather.