Make a Gift

It’s never too early to begin building your personal legacy. Did you have a life-changing experience at Leadership Training Institute you would like to share with future Zetes? Maybe you were the recipient of a scholarship and would like to pay it forward? Zeta Psi offers a number of options for you to make a gift to the Fraternity or to the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation.

Donors are permitted to specify uses for donations of $250 or more. Donations below that threshold are deemed unrestricted.

Is my online donation secure?

Zeta Psi does not collect, transfer, or store your payment information. We have contracted with reputable, verified 3rd party providers of payment solutions to ensure that our members payment information is safe and secure.

Educational Foundation

Educational Foundation

For over 70 years, these tax deductible donations have helped ensure our ability to support the academic mission of Zeta Psi. The Educational Foundation provides over $120,000 each year towards individual scholarships in the United States and our unparalleled Leadership Training Institute programming. This is the preferred vehicle for any giving that requires tax deductibility in the USA or corporate matches. Many companies will match gifts made to the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation. Use our online tool to see if your company is one of them!


Interested in donating crypto currency?

Canadian Foundation

Foundation of Canada

The Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada supports the development of future leaders by providing scholarships to assist university students with their studies.

Did you know – many companies will match gifts made to the Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada. Use our online tool to see if your company is one of them!


Zeta Psi Fraternity

By donating to the Fraternity, you will be directly supporting Zeta Psi’s daily operations as a professional international organization. Please note, donations made to the Fraternity are not tax-deductible.


Zete 4 Life

Support Your Chapter and the International Fraternity. The “Zete4Life” program gives you the power to direct your support. With 100% of your donation going to YOUR Elder Chapter (or the Chapter of your choosing), minus the costs of the Zete4Life program. Zeta Psi operates this program at a loss to Zeta Psi Fraternity Inc. 




Now and Forever Capital Campaign

The Fraternity, the Educational Foundation and the Canadian Foundation have joined forces to launch a combined capital campaign with five key funding objectives:
-Alumni Networking and Mentoring
-Membership Education
-Digitizing our Archives

The Now and Forever Campaign gives all Elders a chance to make a lasting impact on our organizations at any level of contribution.  Participation in this historic campaign starts with a conversation.  Click here to get started.  There is a place for every Elder in this campaign.

Heritage Society logo

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society is Zeta Psi’s planned giving society, supporting the Fraternity, the Educational Foundation, and the Canadian Foundation. Established in 1997 as part of Zeta Psi’s 150th anniversary celebration, the Heritage Society now has over 500 members – people who are committed to the future of Zeta Psi.

There are many ways to make a planned gift to Zeta Psi in the United States, Canada, and Overseas, including bequests, insurance policies, trusts, and gifts of appreciated securities. If you would like more information on how to make a planned gift, follow the link below:

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