Fred R. Drake

Fred R. Drake, Tau, 1886, Phi Alpha 1898-1899

Fred R. Drake, Tau, 1886, was a very successful businessman, banker and civic leader in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Upon graduation from Lafayette College, Brother Drake joined his father in the wholesale grocery business of Drake & Hulick. In 1897, he became a partner in the firm and served as president for more than 40 years.

He was Vice President and a director of the Thomas Iron Company, a subsidiary of Edison Illuminating Company of Easton. Drake was a director of First National Bank of Easton, the Easton Trust Company and Easton Water Company. He was one of the managers of the Insurance Company of Northampton County. In 1910-1911, Drake served as president of the National Wholesale Grocers Association of the United States.

Though not active in politics, Mr. Drake was involved in the formation of the Republican Party and attended many of its conventions.

Brother Drake was active in Easton community activities serving twice as president of
the Board of Trustees of the Easton Public Library and president of the Easton Board of
Trade. He was an aficionado of William Shakespeare and served as Librarian of the
Shakespeare Society of New York. Brother Drake was a member of the Zeta Psi Club
of New York for many years.

Brother Drake demonstrated “significant loyalty” devoting time and money to the Tau
chapter. Before the chapter had a house, beginning in 1883, the members met for a
number of years at the Drake Building. Brother Drake was the first president of the Tau
Association of Zeta Psi and was instrumental in the design and development of the Zeta
Psi House at Lafayette College.