Privacy Policy

In the course of using certain features of this web site, we may ask you to enter information such as names, e-mail addresses, street addresses and/or phone numbers. We request this information to enhance the experience of our other users. One of our goals is to improve communication between the International Headquarters, yourself, your chapter and your active and elder brothers.

Certain pieces of information may be shared with your chapter and your street address may be shared with other nearby chapters (especially geographical associations). We may also use this information to contact you for a variety of reasons. This may include delivery of The Circle of Zeta Psi and information from the Educational Foundations. Should you wish for us to restrict our contact with you, then please send a written letter to the International Headquarters and we will do our best to respect your wishes. We do not send mass unsolicited e-mails, nor do we sell membership information to unaffiliated entities.

We have also taken some precautions to protect this information while it resides on the internet. However, no precautions are absolutely secure and our means for such protection are limited for financial and logistical reasons. Given our means and needs, we believe we have adequate security measures in place. If you have any concerns about the security measures we have taken, then please do not provide your information electronically.

Because of the nature of our organization, we do not intentionally store any information on your computer. We do not use cookies. However, your browser is probably configured to archive websites you have visited. Should you wish to prevent this information from being stored on your computer, you should change the configuration in your browser before proceeding into this website. See your browser’s documentation for more information.