Notable Zetes

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world.

Ron Cass

Term: Phi Alpha #CXXXVIII from 2020-Present

Chapter: Nu, 1984

Headshot of Stuart Bowers.

Stuart Bowers

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXVII from 2018-2020 Distinguished Service Award 2019

Chapter: Phi Epsilon, 1981

Headshot of Les Mann.

Leslie Mann III

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXVI from 2016-2018 Distinguished Service Award 2020

Chapter: Phi Lambda, 1973

Headshot of Barth Gillan

Barth H. Gillan

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXV from 2014-2016 Member of The Worthy

Chapter: Alpha Psi, 1985

Photo of Andrew Nunez.

Andrew Nunez

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXIV from 2012-2014

Chapter: Iota Alpha, 1994

Lauck Walton

M. Lauck Walton

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXIII from 2010-2012 James J. Carey Leadership 2013 Distinguished Service Award 2016

Chapter: Pi, 1984

Headshot of Dave Busacca.

David W. Busacca

Term: Phi Alpha from 2008-2010 Distinguished Service Award 2013

Chapter: Tau Delta, 1973

Headshot of Greg McElroy.

Gregory E. McElroy

Term: Phi Alpha # CXXXI from 2006-2008 James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Award 1986 Distinguished Service Award 2011 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2020

Chapter: Phi, 1970

Headshot of Dave Hunter.

M. David Hunter

Term: Phi Alpha from 2005-2006 Distinguished Service Award 2017

Chapter: Iota Alpha, 1980

Photo of Dave Sims.

David L. Sims

Term: Phi Alpha from 2004-2005 Distinguished Service Award 2009

Chapter: Sigma, 1976

Richard N. Gateman

Term: Phi Alpha from 2002-2004 Distinguished Service Award 2012

Chapter: Chi Gamma, 1981

Michael J. Freiman

Term: Phi Alpha from 2000-2002 Distinguished Service Award 2008 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2019

Chapter: Phi Epsilon, 1978

Headshot of Stephen Hartwell.

Stephen Hartwell

Term: Phi Alpha from 1999-2000 Distinguished Service Award 2001 1968 Elected Vice President of Washington Mutual Investors Fund, becoming President in 1981. He later became Chairman of the Board of Directors, where he served until 2001, thereafter becoming Chairman Emeritus for life.

Chapter: Tau, 1936

DOD: December 14, 2011

Photo of George McNeillie.

George G. McNeilllie III

Term: Phi Alpha from 1997-1999 Distinguished Service Award 2004

Chapter: Theta Xi, 1973

Headshot of James J. Carey.

James J. Carey

Term: Phi Alpha from 1995-1997 Distinguished Service Award 2001 James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Service Award 1998 Namesake and Inaugural James J. Carey Leadership Award 2007

Chapter: Omega, 1960

Douglas P. Donaldson

Term: Phi Alpha from 1993-1995 Inaugural Henry Elliot Volunteer of the Year 2001 Distinguished Service Award 2003 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2009

Chapter: Theta, 1972

Picture of Patrick Carney.

Patrick M. Carney

Term: Phi Alpha from 1991–1993 Distinguished Service Award 2006

Chapter: Phi Lambda, 1976

Photo of Jim Ljunglin.

James J. Ljunglin

Term: Phi Alpha from 1989–1991 Distinguished Service Award 1993 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2010 Henry Elliot Volunteer of the Year Award 2013

Chapter: Pi, 1957

Picture of Richard Shuhany.

Richard G. Shuhany

Term: Phi Alpha from 1987–1989 Distinguished Service Award 2002

Chapter: Mu Theta, 1968

Headshot of Jay Rothberg.

Jay L. Rothberg

Term: Phi Alpha from 1985–1987 Distinguished Service Award 1995 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2011

Chapter: Delta Chi, 1969

Richard W. Smith

Term: Phi Alpha from 1984–1985 Distinguished Service Award 1987

Chapter: Omicron, 1933

John S. Gebhardt

Term: Phi Alpha from 1982–1984 Distinguished Service Award 2002

Chapter: Phi, 1969

Photo of Ralph Rumsey.

Ralph S. Rumsey

Term: Phi Alpha from 1980–1982 James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Award 1992 Distinguished Service Award 1996

Chapter: Xi, 1965

Roy A. Foulke, Jr.

Term: Phi Alpha from 1978–1980 Distinguished Service Award 1973

Chapter: Lambda, 1950

Edison W. Dick

Term: Phi Alpha from 1976–1978 Distinguished Service Award 1980

Chapter: Eta, 1959

Photo of Peter Pakradooni.

Peter B. Pakradooni

Term: Phi Alpha from 1974–1976 James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Award 2006 Distinguished Service Award 1976

Chapter: Sigma, 1961

James H. McLaughlin

Term: Phi Alpha from 1971–1974 Distinguished Service Award 1974 Namesake and Inaugural James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Service Award 1982

Chapter: Theta Xi, 1952

Alfred D. Kirkland

Term: Phi Alpha from 1970–1971 Distinguished Service Award 1971

Chapter: Mu , 1952

Henry M. Elliot, Jr.

Term: Phi Alpha from 1969–1970 Distinguished Service Award 1973 Awarded the Outstanding Volunteer of Zeta Psi's 3rd Half Century at the 1997 Convention Namesake of the Henry Elliot Volunteer of the Year Award

Chapter: Eta, 1945

John L. Coulson

Term: Phi Alpha from 1966-1969 Distinguished Service Award 1968

Chapter: Psi Epsilon, 1939