Notable Zetes

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world.

Andrew Junker, Ph.D.

Achievements: Founder Brain Actuated Technologies Inc. (BAT). Project Brainfingers Transforms brain and body electrical potentials from the forehead into hands-free computer controls which can be customized to each individual's needs. Brainfingers can give a voice to people who are non-verbal or who have limited expressive language, and may be appropriate for individuals with severe and multiple disabilities.

Chapter: Theta, 1965

Arden Haynes

Arden Haynes

Achievements: Former Chairman and CEO, Imperial Oil Ltd.; Chancellor, York University

Chapter: Pi Epsilon

Conrad Harrington

Achievements: Chancellor, McGill University, 1976 to 1983. 1986 Member Order of Canada

Chapter: Alpha Psi

DOD: May 12, 2000

Dr Alfred Kinsey

Dr. Alfred Kinsey

Achievements: Founder, Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction

Chapter: Lambda

Dr John Bardeen

Dr. John Bardeen

Achievements: Only Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner In Physics, 1956 and 1972

Chapter: Lambda Psi, 1928

DOD: January 30, 1991

Edward Summers, Ph. D.

Achievements: Currently the President and CEO The Thinkubator, “Bringing Power to Bronx Youth Voices”, Past: Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Chief Strategy and Planning Officer at Long Island University, Inaugural Executive Director of the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network, Chief of Staff and Director of the Kelly Adirondack Research Center at Union College, Assistant to the President of Marist College, and professor of Political Science and Public Administration

Chapter: Nu Delta, 2004

Father John Denning

Father John Denning

Achievements: C.S.C, President of Stonehill College

Chapter: Beta Tau

Henry Suzzallo

Henry Suzzallo

Achievements: Former President, University of Washington (1915 to 1926)

Chapter: Phi Lambda

DOD: August 22, 1875 – September 25, 1933

Kingman Brewster Jr

Kingman Brewster, Jr.

Achievements: Former President, Yale University (1963-1977); US Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1977-1981)

Chapter: Eta, 1941

DOD: November 8, 1988

Mark Watson

Achievements: While with the New York State Energy, Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Managed the Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Protection Program (2008-2016) Managed all projects related to acid deposition and mercury pollution. (2000-2008) Supervised the country's largest high-efficiency, low-emitting wood heat research program. Initiated a multi-million dollar climate change research program in New York State.

Chapter: Gamma, 1978

Dr Ricky Gregg

Richard “Ricky” Grigg, PhD.

Achievements: Pioneer of Big Wave Surfing; Professor Emeritus of Oceanography at University of Hawaii, Author, Big Surf, Deep Dives and the Islands. Winner, 1966 Duke Kahanamoku Invitational, named as the best surfer in the world by Surfer Magazine in 1967 1965 Aquanaut aboard the NASA-sponsored Sealab II

Chapter: Mu, 1958

DOD: May 21, 2014