Notable Zetes

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world.

Les Aspin

Aspin, Les

Achievements: United States Representative from 1971 to 1993, and the United States Secretary of Defense from January 21, 1993 to February 3, 1994.

Chapter: Eta, 1960

DOD: May 21, 1995

Bass, John R.

Achievements: American diplomat, who served as the United States Ambassador to Georgia (2009–2012), Turkey (2014–2017), and Afghanistan (2017 - 2020).

Chapter: Gamma, 1986

William Benton

Benton, William

Achievements: US Senator - Connecticut (1949–1953) and publisher of the Encyclopedia Britannica (1943–1973).

Chapter: Eta

DOD: April 1, 1900 – March 18, 1973

Bethlenvalvy, Hon. Peter

Achievements: Minister of Finance for the Province of Ontario (2021- Present)

Chapter: Alpha Psi, 1982

Erskine Bowles

Bowles, Erskine

Achievements: 19th White House Chief of Staff (1997-1998), under President Clinton. 18th Administrator of the Small Business Administration (1993-1994). President, University of North Carolina system (2005-2010)

Chapter: Upsilon

Kingman Brewster Jr

Brewster, Jr., Kingman

Achievements: Former President, Yale University (1963-1977); US Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1977-1981)

Chapter: Eta, 1941

DOD: November 8, 1988

Scott Brown

Brown, Scott

Achievements: Former US Senator - Massachusetts, US Ambassador to New Zealand

Chapter: Kappa

Louis R Bruce

Bruce, Louis R.

Achievements: Former US Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1969-1973); Served under several New York State Governors as Director of Indian Affairs. President of the Six Nations Indian Association.

Chapter: Gamma, 1930

DOD: May 20, 1989

Ellsworth Bunker

Bunker, Ellsworth

Achievements: Former US Ambassador (OAS, Argentina, Italy, India, Nepal, and South Vietnam) (1951-1973), one of two American's to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Twice (1963 & 1967).

Chapter: Eta

DOD: September 27, 1984

Prescott Bush

Bush, Prescott

Achievements: Former US Senator - Connecticut (1952-1963)

Chapter: Eta

DOD: October 8, 1972

Butler, Lawrence E.

Achievements: Director for European Affairs on the National Security Council staff at the White House from 1997 to 1999. 3rd United States Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia from 2002 to 2005.

Chapter: Lamdba, 1953

Carey, Rear Adm. James

Achievements: Served for 33 years as a U.S. Naval Officer, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral. Served 12 years as the elected Chairman of The Flag & General Officers' Network, the organization for U.S. Admirals and Generals of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Appointed National Chairman Emeritus for LIFE upon retirement in 2018.

Chapter: Omega

Cobb, William T.

Term: Phi Alpha from 1905–1907. 46th Governor of Maine.

Chapter: Lambda, 1877

DOD: July 23, 1857 - July 24, 1937

William Comstock

Comstock, William

Achievements: 33rd Governor - Michigan, Past Phi Alpha Zeta Psi Fraternity, The Comstock Award is named in honor of Bill Comstock

Chapter: Xi, 1899

DOD: July 2, 1877 – June 16, 1949

James E Coyne

Coyne, James E.

Achievements: 2nd Governor, Bank of Canada (1955-1961). Rhodes Scholar. Canadian Press named him Canadian Newsmaker of the Year in 1961. 2012 appointed Member of The Order of Manitoba.

Chapter: Pi Epsilon, 1931

DOD: July 17, 1910 – October 12, 2012

Dahmer, John R.

Achievements: Elected as a member of the House of Commons of Canada in 1988, however, he was terminally stricken with pancreatic cancer and never saw the first day of the 34th Canadian Parliament. Dahmer's widow received a severance that was used to establish the John Dahmer Community Involvement Scholarship at Lakeland College. Prior to running for office, he was a director at Lakeland College.

Chapter: Mu Theta, 1961

DOD: (September 5, 1937 – November 26, 1988)

Gray Davis

Davis, Gray

Achievements: Former Governor - California

Chapter: Mu

Dr Howard Dean

Dean, Dr. Howard

Achievements: 79th Governor of Vermont; (August 13, 1991 – January 8, 2003), Former Chairman, Democratic National Committee (February 12, 2005 – January 21, 2009)

Chapter: Eta, 1971

Brian Dickson

Dickson, Robert George Brian

Achievements: 15th Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada (1984-1990), served a total of 17 years on the Supreme Court. Companion of the Order of Canada (1990)

Chapter: Pi Epsilon, 1938

DOD: May 25, 1916 – October 17, 1998

Arthur Gajarsa

Gajarsa, Arthur

Achievements: Retired Judge, US Court of Appeals

Chapter: Pi

Roderick Hills

Hills, Roderick

Achievements: Chairman Securities Exchange Commission (October 28, 1975 – April 10, 1977)

Chapter: Mu

DOD: October 29, 2014

Joost, Stephen

Achievements: Founding Partner and Board Member of Firehouse Subs, Former President of Jacksonville (FL) City Council

Chapter: Beta Tau, 1984

William Knowland

Knowland, William

Achievements: US Senator - California (August 26, 1945 – January 3, 1959)

Chapter: Iota

DOD: (June 26, 1908 – February 23, 1974)

Levin, Neil D.

Achievements: NY State Superintendent of Banks 1995, NY State Superintendent of Insurance 1997, Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey 2001

Chapter: Tau, 1976

DOD: September 16, 1954-September 11, 2001

McGurk, Brett H.

Achievements: American diplomat, attorney, and academic who served in senior national security positions under presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. US National Security Council's coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa (2021-Present).

Chapter: Theta, 1996

Roy McMurty

McMurtry Jr., OC, OOnt, The Hon. R. Roy

Achievements: Chief Justice, Ontario Supreme Court (1996-2007). Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom(1985-1988). 12th Chancellor of York University (2008 - 2014). The headquarters of the Attorney General of Ontario, McMurtry-Scott Building, is named in honour of McMurtry and Ian Scott (former AG 1985-1990).

Chapter: Theta Xi, 1954

William Milliken

Milliken, William

Achievements: 44th Governor of Michigan (January 22, 1969 – January 1, 1983), he is the longest serving Governor in Michigan's history. A member of the Army Air Corps, during World War II, he flew 50 combat missions as a waist-gunner on B-24 bombers and survived two crash landings. He received seven military honors, including the Purple Heart and Air Medal

Chapter: Eta

DOD: (March 26, 1922 – October 18, 2019)

Padilla, Alejandro (Alex)

Achievements: United States Senator from California (2020-Present) California Secretary of State (2015-2020), California State Senator (2006-2014), chair of the Committee on Energy, Utilities, and Communications.

Chapter: Rho Alpha, 1994

Parker, James

Achievements: A Major General in the United States Army and a Medal of Honor recipient for his role in the Philippine–American War during 1899. In addition to the Medal of Honor, Major General Parker was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal and three Silver Stars for his service and battlefield exploits.

Chapter: Delta, 1875

DOD: (February 20, 1854 – June 2, 1934)

Pepper, George Wharton

Achievements: U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania from January 9, 1922 – March 4, 1927. Honorary degree from Lafayette College, 1922. Namesake of the George Wharton Pepper Prize at Lafayette College, awarded annually to the senior “who most nearly represents the Lafayette ideal.” A founding member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Nephew of past Phi Alpha (1892) Dr. William Pepper, Sigma, 1857.

Chapter: Sigma, A.B. 1887, LL.B. 1889, LL.D. (hon.) 1907

DOD: March 16, 1867 – May 24, 1961