Notable Zetes

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world.

Carey, James J.

Achievements: Former World Chairman [Chairman of the Board] of the Knights Templar, a 40 nation Humanitarian Order recognized for its humanitarian work by the United Nations.

Chapter: Omega, 1960

Ford, II, Henry

Achievements: Former Chairman and Former CEO, Ford Motor Co.. President of the Ford Motor Company (1945 - 1960), Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (1945 - 1979), and Chairman of the Board of Directors (1960 - 1980). Under the leadership of Henry Ford II, Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded corporation in 1956. From 1943 to 1950, he also served as president of the Ford Foundation. 1969 Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 1983 Inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

Chapter: Eta

DOD: September 29, 1987

Hartwell, Stephen

Achievements: Chair of The Life Guard Society of Historic Mount Vernon - The Life Guard Society draws its inspiration from an elite group of 150 officers responsible for ensuring the safety of George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Today, the group is dedicated to generously supporting the mission of the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. Which is preserving the home of George Washington.

Chapter: Tau, 1936

DOD: December 14, 2011

Hebb, Peter Harvey “Hebby”

Achievements: Zeta Psi Delta Alpha, 1965-1967. Past President of the Vancouver Community Arts Council, past vice-president of the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre, and he raised monies for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. For community service, he was awarded the Commemorative Medal of the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

Chapter: Sigma Epsilon, 1963

DOD: April 5, 1938 - December 31, 2021

Holden, Liberty E.

Term: Phi Alpha from 1884–1885. Owner/Publisher, "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" (1885-1913), owner the Hollenden Hotel (1985-1913), Clevelands most glamorous hotel from 1885-1960. President of the Cleveland Museum of Art, oversaw the construction of the museum and the building of Wade and Rockefeller Parks. President of the Union Club of Cleveland.

Chapter: Chi, 1857

DOD: (20 June 1833-26 Aug. 1913)

Dr Julius Stratton

Stratton, Dr. Julius

Achievements: 1st Chancellor of MIT (1956-1959), 11th President of MIT (1969-1966), President Emeritus MIT; Former Chairman, Ford Foundation (1964-1971). Author, "Electromagnetic Theory"(1941)

Chapter: Phi Lambda

DOD: May 18, 1901 – June 22, 1994

Sir John Templeton

Templeton, Sir John M.

Achievements: Founder, Templeton Funds (now part of Franklin Templeton Funds); Founder, Templeton Prize

Chapter: Eta

Troubetzkoy, Prince Alexis Sergeevich

Achievements: Author notable for his works on Russian history. Served as the headmaster of Selwyn House School, Appleby College and the Toronto French School in Canada. He was born as a Prince of the Trubetskoy family, He taught at Bishop's College School and served in the Royal Canadian Navy for 8 years. He served as the Executive Director of the Tolstoy Foundation 1992-95. He also helped the International Orthodox Christian Charities gain the release of two of their workers taken hostage.

Chapter: Alpha Psi, 1957

DOD: March 6, 1934 - January 22, 2017