Notable Zetes

For over 170 years, Zeta Psi has scaffolded our undergraduate brothers to be better leaders in their careers, their communities, and in service to all humankind. We have been fortunate to have played role in the lives of countless inspirational men throughout the years. Here is a list of some Zetes who have powerfully impacted the world.

Dean G Witter

Dean G. Witter

Achievements: Founder, Witter & Co. (now part of Morgan Stanley)

Chapter: Iota

Desmond John Villiers FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin

Achievements: Author, "The Irish Country House"

Chapter: Sigma Epsilon

Dick Gould

Dick Gould

Achievements: Stanford Tennis Coach (1966-2004); Won 17 NCAA Championship Men's Tennis Tournaments Named the ITA-Wilson "Coach of the Decade" both for the 1980s and the 1990s. The International Tennis Hall of Fame "Tennis Educational Merit Award" 1982. Zeta Psi Red Grange Sportsman of the Year, 2012

Chapter: Mu, 1959, Plus a Masters from Stanford, 1960

Dick Wolf

Dick Wolf

Achievements: Creator of "Law and Order" Television Franchise

Chapter: Sigma

Dillard Kirby

Dillard Kirby

Achievements: President, Kirby Foundation

Chapter: Tau

Donald J. Peters

Achievements: Author, "A Contrarian Strategy for Growth Stock Investing: Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Evidence"

Chapter: Beta Tau, 1980

Douglas P. Donaldson

Term: Phi Alpha from 1993-1995 Inaugural Henry Elliot Volunteer of the Year 2001 Distinguished Service Award 2003 James J. Carey Leadership Award 2009

Chapter: Theta, 1972

Douglas R. Hartman

Achievements: Author, "Nebraska’s Miitia: The History of The Army and National Guard, 1854-1991"

Chapter: Omicron

Dr. Alexander C. Sinclair

Achievements: Author, "Life & War Poems"

Chapter: Pi Epsilon

Dr Alfred Kinsey

Dr. Alfred Kinsey

Achievements: Founder, Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction

Chapter: Lambda

Dr Howard Dean

Dr. Howard Dean

Achievements: Former Governor - Vermont; Chairman, Democratic National Committee

Chapter: Eta

Dr John Bardeen

Dr. John Bardeen

Achievements: Only Two-Time Nobel Prize Winner In Physics, 1956 and 1972

Chapter: Lambda Psi, 1928

DOD: January 30, 1991

Dr Julius Stratton

Dr. Julius Stratton

Achievements: President Emeritus MIT; Former Chairman, Ford Foundation

Chapter: Phi Lambda

Dr Milt McColl

Dr. Milt McColl

Achievements: CEO, Gauss Surgical; Retired NFL Player

Chapter: Mu

Dr. Peter A. Singer OC

Achievements: Author, "The Grandest Challenge: Taking Life-Saving Science from Lab to Village"

Chapter: Theta Xi

Duane “D.O.” Gibson

Achievements: Author, "Stay Driven"

Chapter: Theta Xi

E Pierce Marshal Jr

E. Pierce Marshall, Jr.

Achievements: CEO and President, Elevage Capital Management LLC

Chapter: Beta Tau

Edison W. Dick

Term: Phi Alpha from 1976–1978 Distinguished Service Award 1980

Chapter: Eta, 1959

Edmund J. Bristol

Term: Phi Alpha from 1895–1896

Chapter: Theta Xi, 1983

Edward C. Mitchell

Term: Phi Alpha from 1879–1880

Chapter: Sigma, 1855

Edward Summers, Ph. D.

Achievements: Currently the President and CEO The Thinkubator, “Bringing Power to Bronx Youth Voices”, Past: Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Chief Strategy and Planning Officer at Long Island University, Inaugural Executive Director of the Brooklyn Education Innovation Network, Chief of Staff and Director of the Kelly Adirondack Research Center at Union College, Assistant to the President of Marist College, and professor of Political Science and Public Administration

Chapter: Nu Delta, 2004

Ellis Ames Ballard

Term: Phi Alpha from 1919–1920

Chapter: Sigma, 1881

Ellsworth Bunker

Ellsworth Bunker

Achievements: Former US Ambassador (OAS, Argentina, Italy, India, Nepal, and South Vietnam) (1951-1973), one of two American's to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom Twice (1963 & 1967).

Chapter: Eta

DOD: September 27, 1984

Eric Wente

Eric Wente

Achievements: Chairman, Wente Bros. Winery

Chapter: Mu

Photo of Ernest Hawkins.

Ernest H. Hawkins

Term: Phi Alpha from 1934-1935

Chapter: Gamma, 1907

Erskine Bowles

Erskine Bowles

Achievements: Former White House Chief of Staff; Former President, University of North Carolina system

Chapter: Upsilon

F. Leroy Satterlee

Term: Phi Alpha from 1896–1897

Chapter: Phi, 1865

F. Robert Kalthoff

Achievements: Author, "F. Robert’s World"

Chapter: Alpha Epsilon

Father John Denning

Father John Denning

Achievements: C.S.C, President of Stonehill College

Chapter: Beta Tau

Follett W. Bull

Term: Phi Alpha from 1923–1924

Chapter: Xi, 1891