Famous Zetes

The Men of Zeta Psi Who Have Powerfully Impacted the World.

Alan RiceAlpha BetaGreco-Roman Wrestling All-American, Olympian and Olympic Coach
Arthur "Red" MotleyAlpha BetaFounder and Publisher, Parade Magazine
James CantalupoAlpha EpsilonFormer Chairman and CEO, McDonalds
Harold "Red" GrangeAlpha Epsilon"Galloping Ghost"; NFL Hall of Fame
Brian SullivanAlpha PiAnchor, CNBC
Conrad HarringtonAlpha PsiChancellor, McGill University
Anthony F. GriffithsAlpha PsiFormer Chairman and CEO, Mitel Corporation; Independent Director of Fairfax Holdings, Russel Metals
Paul Hicks Jr.BetaFormer President, Texaco Europe
Father John DenningBeta TauC.S.C, President of Stonehill College
David BrainBeta TauPresident, EPR Properties
E. Pierce Marshall, Jr.Beta TauCEO and President, Elevage Capital Management LLC
Ronald G. GreeneChi GammaFormer Chairman and CEO, Renaissance Energy Ltd.
Mark FieldsDeltaFormer Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company
Perry HerstEpsilonFormer Chairman and CEO of Tishman West
Prescott BushEtaFormer US Senator - Connecticut
William MillikenEtaFormer Governor - Michigan
Henry Ford IIEtaFormer Chairman and Former CEO, Ford Motor Co.
Dr. Benjamin SpockEtaAuthor, "The Common Sense Book on Baby and Child Care"; US Olympian
Dr. Howard DeanEtaFormer Governor - Vermont; Chairman, Democratic National Committee
Ellsworth BunkerEtaFormer US Ambassador (OAS, Argentina, Italy, India, Nepal, and South Vietnam)
Calvin TrillinEtaRecipient, Thurber Award for American Humor
Kingman Brewster, Jr.EtaFormer President, Yale University
Joseph Cullman IIIEtaFormer CEO, Phillip Morris; Chairman, US Open
Les AspinEtaFormer US Congressman and Secretary of Defense
William BentonEtaFormer US Senator - Connecticut; Publisher, Encyclopedia Britannica
Pete WilsonEtaFormer Governor and US Senator - California
Sir John TempletonEtaFounder, Templeton Funds (now part of Franklin Templeton Funds); Founder, Templeton Prize
Louis R. BruceGammaFormer US Commissioner of Indian Affairs; US Olympian
William KnowlandIotaFormer US Senator - California
Lincoln SteffensIotaMuckracker, Author, "The Shame of the Cities"
Dean G. WitterIotaFounder, Witter & Co. (now part of Morgan Stanley)
Scott BrownKappaFormer US Senator - Massachusetts, US Ambassador to New Zealand
Dr. Alfred KinseyLambdaFounder, Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction
Dr. John BardeenLambda PsiTwo-Time Nobel Prize Winner In Physics
James E. CoyneManitobaFormer Governor, Bank of Canada
John BrodieMuNFL Hall of Fame; PGA Golfer
Dick GouldMuStanford Tennis Coach; Won 17 NCAA Championship Men's Tennis Tournaments
Dr. Milt McCollMuCEO, Gauss Surgical; Retired NFL Player
Dr. Ricky GreggMuPioneer of Big Wave Surfing; Professor Emeritus of Oceanography at University of Hawaii
Gray DavisMuFormer Governor - California
Peter Mondavi, Jr.MuCo-Proprietor, Charles Krug Wineries
Eric WenteMuChairman, Wente Bros. Winery
Roderick HillsMuFormer Chairman, Securities Exchange Commission
Bob BooneMuAll-Star MLB Player; Vice President of Player Development, Washington Nationals
Allan WachowichMu ThetaFormer Chief Justice, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta
Rear Adm. James CareyOmegaFormer Chairman and CEO, US Federal Maritime Commission
James ForeseOmicron EpsilonCo-President, CitiGroup
Dean CainOmicron EpsilonActor
Bill SheaPhiAttorney; Brought NY Mets to NY; namesake of Shea Stadium
Dr. Julius StrattonPhi LambdaPresident Emeritus MIT; Former Chairman, Ford Foundation
Henry SuzzalloPhi LambdaFormer President, University of Washington
Arthur GajarsaPiRetired Judge, US Court of Appeals
Brian DicksonPi EpsilonRetired Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada
Arden HaynesPi EpsilonFormer Chairman and CEO, Imperial Oil Ltd.; Chancellor, York University
Mark BadagliaccaPsiCFO, Paramount Pictures
Peter J. NolanPsiManaging Partner, Leonard Green Partners
Charles J. ZimmermanPsi EpsilonFormer Chairman and CEO, Connecticut Mutual Insurance Company; namesake of Dartmouth College's Zimmerman Fitness Center
Albert R. DowdenRhoFormer President and CEO, Volvo North America
Shaun O'MalleySigmaFormer CEO, Price Waterhouse
Brian RobertsSigmaChairman and CEO, Comcast
Dick WolfSigmaCreator of "Law and Order" Television Franchise
Ara HovnavianSigmaChairman and CEO, Hovnavian Enterprises
Albert E. GrauerSigma EpsilonFormer CEO, British Columbia Electric; Chancellor, University of British Columbia
Tommy FearsSigma ZetaNFL Player and Coach; NFL Hall of Fame
William C. AckermanSigma ZetaFirst Tennis Coach at UCLA; UCLA Administrator for more than 30 years; namesake of UCLA Ackerman Student Union
Michael SmerconishTau DeltaSatellite Radio and CNN Anchor
Stephen HartwellTauFormer Chairman and President, Washington Mutual Fund
William BuckTauExecutive VP, TDH Holdings, Inc.; Part-Owner, Philadelphia Phillies
Ian MurrayTauCo-Founder and CEO, Vineyard Vines
Richard YuenglingTauOwner, Yuengling Brewery
Fred KirbyTauFormer Chairman and CEO, Allegheny Corp.
Jefferson KirbyTauChairman, Allegheny Corp.
Dillard KirbyTauPresident, Kirby Foundation
Joe MaddonTauManager, Chicago Cubs
Stephen PryorTauPresident, Exxon Mobil Chemical Company
Jon K. GrantTheta PhiFormer Chairman and CEO, Quaker Oats of Canada
Jim FleckTheta PhiFormer Chairman, ATI Technologies
Adam ZimmermanTheta XiFormer Chairman and CEO, Noranda Forest
Roy McMurtyTheta XiRetired Chief Justice, Ontario Supreme Court; Chancellor, Concordia University
Stephen LeacockTheta XiPolitical Writer and Humorist; namesake of The Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal of Humour
Jim BalsillieTheta XiFormer Co-CEO, Research in Motion (Blackberry)
Dr. John McCraeTheta XiAuthor, "In Flanders Fields"
Erskine BowlesUpsilonFormer White House Chief of Staff; Former President, University of North Carolina system
William B. Harrison, Jr.UpsilonFormer Chairman and CEO, JP Morgan Chase
Julian Robertson, Jr.UpsilonFounder, Tiger Management
William ComstockXiFormer Governor - Michigan
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