40 Under 40

From starting thriving businesses to becoming leaders in their communities, Zetes do incredible things after college! Zeta Psi’s 40 Under 40 program aims to recognize our brothers’ tremendous accomplishments in their personal and professional lives. We are thrilled to feature these brothers’ stories in hopes that they may inspire the next generation of Zetes to dream big and work hard in pursuit of making an impact.

We thank everyone who submitted a nomination for this year’s program, as there were many more than forty brothers nominated who were deserving of this recognition. We would also like to thank Zeta Psi’s Awards Committee, who had the extremely difficult task of choosing which forty individuals were to be recognized.

Photo of John Budion.

John Budion

Phi, 2003 — Recognized in: 2020

  John J. Budion is an award winning Director, writer, and visual effects artist with over 20 years of experience in the Film and Television...

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Photo of John Lee.

John S. Lee

Alpha Theta, 2007 — Recognized in: 2020

John S Lee (Alpha Theta ’07) is founding brother of Alpha Theta who has worked tirelessly help Zeta Psi thrive in the Waterloo region in...

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Photo of Joseph Beck.

Joseph Beck

Pi, 2011 — Recognized in: 2020

Joseph Beck graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 2012.  During his...

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Photo of Josh McWilliam.

Josh McWilliam

Pi, 2002 — Recognized in: 2020

As an undergraduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, Josh studied Computer Systems Engineering. As a Junior he landed a job as...

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Photo of Joshua Mayourian.

Joshua Mayourian

Kappa Phi, 2014 — Recognized in: 2020

Dr. Joshua Mayourian, PhD, grew up in Roslyn, NY, where he competitively played high school basketball and lacrosse. He was accepted to The Cooper...

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Photo of Kevin Ziegler.

Kevin Ziegler

Xi, 2016 — Recognized in: 2020

Kevin Ziegler, a brother of the Xi Chapter, graduated from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business in 2016. As an...

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Photo of Matt Crossan.

Matt Crossan

Theta Phi, 2015 — Recognized in: 2020

Matt Crossan was a member of the Theta Phi Chapter at Western University where he earned a B.Esc ’15 and M.ESc ’18 in Mechanical and Materials...

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Headshot of Maurice Ducoing

Maurice Ducoing

Psi, 2003 — Recognized in: 2020

Originally from New York (Seaford, Long Island to be exact), Maurice went to Chaminade High School in Mineola and then attended Cornell University...

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Photo of Nick Moriarty.

Nick Moriarty

Pi Tau, 2003 — Recognized in: 2020

“I enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall of 1999 as a mechanical engineering major.  I was living in the dorms and quickly...

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Raf Robinson

Iota Alpha, 2001 — Recognized in: 2020

Raf is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating businesses with a soul, mission, and purpose. Graduating with a degree in economics from UT...

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Photo of Richard Vansiclen.

Richard Vansiclen

Phi Lambda, 2015 — Recognized in: 2020

Richard Vansiclen a Brother from the University of Washington. He Graduated in 2015 where he majored in communications. His real passion was with his...

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Photo of Rob Isaacs.

Rob Isaacs

Iota Omicron, 2010 — Recognized in: 2020

Rob Isaacs was a founding member of Zeta Psi’s Iota Omicron chapter at the University of Oxford. While at Oxford, Rob graduated with a degree...

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Photo of Scott Schill.

Scott Schill

Phi Epsilon, 2012 — Recognized in: 2020

“My name is Scott Schill, and I am an elder of the Phi Epsilon chapter at the University of Maryland, College Park, Class of 2012. It is an...

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Photo of Shea Mayer.

Shea Mayer

Alpha Psi, 2006 — Recognized in: 2020

Shea Mayer (Alpha Psi ’06) is the founder of Fitz & Follwell Co., an experiential tour company based in Montreal’s Plateau...

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Spencer Streichert

Chi Gamma, 2016 — Recognized in: 2020

Spencer Streichert is an Actor, Comedian and Filmmaker from the Chi Gamma Chapter of Zeta Psi. As a former Sigma and pledge trainer, Streichert...

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Travis Mewhirter

Phi Epsilon, 2012 — Recognized in: 2020

“Of all the many things that I write, the most difficult is not a feature on an elusive subject, or a recap of a frenetic event, or a novel or...

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Photo of Tyler Boisvert.

Tyler Boisvert

Nu Sigma, 2010 — Recognized in: 2020

To anyone who has been involved with Zeta Psi in the past decade, Tyler Boisvert is certainly a familiar figure. During his undergraduate career, he...

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Headshot of Will Wright.

Will Wright

Alpha Pi, 2003 — Recognized in: 2020

Will Wright is a dynamic leader who has strived to lead a life of excellence and service to others ever since joining Zeta Psi in the spring of...

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Zach Ruyle

Tau Gamma, 2009 — Recognized in: 2020

Zach Ruyle is a brother from the Tau Gamma chapter. He graduated in 2009 and helped lead the transition for the chapter from it’s history at Grant...

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