40 under 40 — Nick Moriarty

Pi Tau, 2003 — Recognized in: 2020

“I enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the fall of 1999 as a mechanical engineering major.  I was living in the dorms and quickly made friends with several of the guys on my floor. When rush started, I wasn’t sure what to make of fraternities and thought I would embrace the opportunity to learn more about Greek life. I learned very quickly from meeting the brothers of the Pi Tau chapter that I had found the brotherhood that I wanted to be part of and several of the guys from my floor ended up making the decision to join as well. As an undergrad, I served as Rush Chair, Treasurer and Vice President. I cannot quantify how important those responsibilities have been to me in my career, teaching me about budgeting, marketing and business development, interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution and other vital leadership skills that can’t be taught in a university class. In addition to that, I made some lifelong friendships with my brothers at 32 Dean St. To this day, I consider them some of my closest friends and have shared many of life’s moments with, both good and bad. “

Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and began pursuing his Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering. Soon after, he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to work for a fire protection consulting firm in 2005. After three and half years at that company, Nick changed companies and started working for an interdisciplinary engineering company, based in Las Vegas but with offices internationally. Nick has eventually taken on more and more responsibility over the years, and is currently the Executive Director of Fire Protection for his company and is part of the leadership team that oversees a large team of engineers.

“I’ve been part of some of the most high profile projects in Las Vegas and my career has taken me around the country and around the world. I’ve been with the company over 12 years now and the feelings I feel for the people in the building are similar to those I have for the people I lived with all those years ago at Pi Tau. And many of the lessons that I learned at that time are still applicable to me today.”

As an Elder, I have been actively involved for a number of years on the Convention Advisory Committee, serving as Chair for two years. I was the Chairman of the Las Vegas Convention that brought Zetes out to the desert for one of the more memorable conventions in recent memory, despite not having a Chapter. And just to show how dedicated our group at Pi Tau is, we had over 40 brothers (elder and active) attend that Convention. This is one of my proudest moments as a Zete. I’m an avid Boston sports fan and attended the 2018 World Series clinching Red Sox win in Los Angeles and the 2019 Super Bowl in Atlanta to see the Patriots win ring number 6 with brothers from Pi Tau. I’m incredibly grateful to have Zeta Psi in my life as an undergrad and continue that gratitude today. PROUD!

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