40 under 40 — Kevin Ziegler

Xi, 2016 — Recognized in: 2020

Photo of Kevin Ziegler.Kevin Ziegler, a brother of the Xi Chapter, graduated from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business in 2016. As an undergraduate, he served in various student government finance roles as well as the Xi Chapter President and Treasurer. Kevin currently works as a Senior Financial Analyst, Special Projects & Inventory at General Motors’ Customer Care and Aftersales – with prior Finance roles in Manufacturing, Global Product Development, Global Business Solutions and Marketing throughout the United States and Canada via the EXCEL and TRACK development programs. Continuing to remain actively involved in Zeta Psi, Kevin is currently President of the Xi Alumni Association as well as Co-Chairman for the Membership Education Committee.

“I’ve grown as a leader of people and organizations through the numerous leadership opportunities presented to me by Zeta Psi as both an undergraduate and alumnus. While I’ve held leadership roles outside of and before my involvement in the fraternity, Zete positions were the first instances where I had complete control, responsibility, and risk for an organization – strategically, financially and operationally. These positions particularly have challenged me to refine my management and communication abilities as well as sharpen my soft skills – assets that are directly transferrable, and invaluable, to me in the professional world. I’ve never let being a younger leader hold me back – I’ve found ways to lead those senior to me as well as establish rapport and command respect with external stakeholders.

I’d encourage our undergraduates to get involved early but also challenge them to maintain their engagement post-graduation. You will grow as an individual as I have but you will also be contributing towards guaranteeing those opportunities are available for future Zetes. Zeta Psi is always looking for additional volunteers and it is especially helpful to our current undergraduates the more recent perspectives and experiences that we have involved in the development processes. I started with the Membership Education Committee during my undergraduate years originally due to my interest in developing course curriculum but have remained involved years later because I firmly believe in the mission and benefit of our educational content to members.”

For leisure, Kevin enjoys Tough Mudders/Spartan Races, motorcycling, downhill skiing and sailing.

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