40 under 40 — Raf Robinson

Iota Alpha, 2001 — Recognized in: 2020

Raf is an entrepreneur with a passion for creating businesses with a soul, mission, and purpose. Graduating with a degree in economics from UT Austin in 2001, Raf embarked on a journey of self-expression and discovery through which he owned and managed multiple businesses, eventually bringing him to SLAB BBQ & BEER where he is now a managing partner.

The self-proclaimed best barbecue restaurant in Austin, SLAB aims to “bridge the taste bud gap of the Dirty South from Memphis, to the Carolinas, Alabama, and Texas.” Through his work at SLAB, and his past venture at Irie Bean Coffee Bar, Raf aims to create a space for the community to enjoy quality products and a unique experience.

“A profitable business where people and community are woven into our company culture by placing value on each customer experience, wisely managing company financials and wearing whatever hat is needed in the daily operation.”

Check out SLAB’s official website.

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