1847 Pledge Challenge

The 1847 Pledge Challenge is a competition launched in 2017, promoting engagement from actives and elders, as well as inter-chapter rivalry, while raising money to support membership education for Zeta Psi.  We have been launching it around March 27th each year, to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Theta Xi Chapter at the University of Toronto, making Zeta Psi the first international fraternity.  This is a point of pride that all Zetes share, regardless of nationality.



Grand Champion – Alpha Theta (University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University)

US Champion – Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland)

Canadian Champion – Theta Xi (University of Toronto)

European Champion – Psi Omicron (Paris)

Young Chapter Champion – Zeta Tau (Michigan State University)

Phoenix Chapter (currently inactive) – Gamma (Syracuse University)



US Champion – Rho Alpha (MIT)

Canadian Champion – Alpha Theta Chapter (Wilfred Laurier/Waterloo)

European Champion – Psi Omicron Chapter (University of Paris)

Young Chapter Champion – Gamma Psi Chapter (University of Guelph)



Grand Champion – Pi Tau Chapter (WPI)

US Champion – Pi Chapter (RPI)

Canadian Champion – Alpha Theta Chapter (University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier)

European Champion – Theta Omicron Chapter (Trinity College, Dublin)

Young Chapter Champion – Theta Psi Chapter (Queen’s University)



Grand Champion – Beta Tau Chapter (Tulane University)