40 under 40 — Ryan Norton

Iota Alpha, 2017 — Recognized in: 2018

Nelson Tao and Ryan Norton

Partners in the Austin-based startup, Press, it only seemed right to list Nelson Tao and Ryan Norton together.

While actives in the Iota Alpha chapter, Ryan and Nelson co-founded a laundry delivery startup called Press (presscleaners.com). While Nelson handled the business-side of things, Ryan largely focused on product implementation and engineering.

Since first starting the company, Press has raised over raised $500k from some notable investors and has grown the company to 8 cities with a $400k annual revenue run rate, growing at 30% month over month. They went from delivering laundry themselves with the help of Zetes to building a marketplace of over 100 cleaners that fulfill both cleaning and delivery under our brand.

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