40 under 40 — Matt Carnovale

Delta Chi, 2012 — Recognized in: 2018

Matt CarnovaleMatthew Carnovale has had the distinct pleasure of watching his chapter grow from its genesis to a surprising young success. Along with Keenan Kunst, he served as one of the primary drivers in refounding the Delta Chi Chapter at American University. Under his leadership as president, the chapter received their charter from the international fraternity in 2010. He continued to dedicate his time and effort to helping the chapter, and upon graduating, founded the Delta Chi Elder Chapter where he has served as vice president. During his involvement with Delta Chi, the chapter has brought in over 100 new members, won awards such as the Gold Chapter Award and Comstock Award, and helped the elder chapter raise thousands of dollars for the actives. For his efforts, he received recognition by the Grand Chapter as an outstanding alumnus.

Matt also played a big part in helping to establish the In Flanders Fields foundation and organizing commemoration events in the D.C. area. They had over 50 brothers and friends in attendance at the event in 2015, and have since raised thousands for veterans’ non-profits. Since then, they have established many partnerships with Washington, DC-based veterans groups, and most notably, are working on growing a partnership with Zeta Psi to honor one of its most impressive brothers, Lt. Col. John McCrae.

Matthew also served as executive director for the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program. During his time, he helped over 100 young people obtain internships and professional development during a semester program. This group included over 40 brothers in Zeta Psi. Members of the program have obtained internships at prestigious organizations such as The Heritage Foundation, the State Department, the Department of Defense and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, among many others.

Professionally, Matt works for the largest center-right non-profit in the country, The Seminar Network successfully connects donors with opportunities to advance a free and open society. The group, founded in 2003 by Charles Koch, raises hundreds of millions of dollars. As the manager of Member Relations and Recruitment, he’s been integral in the raising of millions over the last two years in the position and works with some of the most successful business leaders in the country. As a member of the finance committee for the international fraternity, Matt tries to leverage his experience at one of Washington, DC’s top fundraising departments for the benefit of the fraternity. Matt is very passionate about his work, and it is readily apparent to those around him.

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