40 under 40 — John Kerr

Beta Tau, 2009 — Recognized in: 2018

John KerrJohn Kerr, Beta Tau 2009, truly represents the breadth of experience that Zetes occupy following college. While at Tulane, John enlisted with the National Army Guard along with joining Zeta Psi:

“When reflecting on my years in college at Tulane University, two decisions stand out among the rest; joining Zeta Psi (Beta Tau) and enlisting with the National Army Guard. Although I joined during my junior year I still gained so much in two years. The 2008 pledge class was the embodiment of the Zete spirit. Growing up without a brother, the significance of the brotherhood I gained from Beta Tau was imperative to my college experience. The bonds made within two years continue to impact my life with the friendships they forged.

These friendships have aided me through personal hardships. It is easy to be a brother when times are good, but true brothers are there when morale is low. The gratitude I hold for having brothers call with words of encouragement is endless. This type of friendship is something rare and speaks to the caliber of men that join the ranks of Zeta Psi. There is no better fraternity.”

Now a Medevac pilot for the US Army, John has been working to supply deliveries and medical evacuations to St. Thomas and St. John following Hurricane Irma and Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.

“The knowledge, opportunities and connections given by Beta Tau helped aid my successes in the Army. My greatest achievement unquestionably is earning my flight wings. It was one of the most challenging experiences I have faced so far. The grit and determination necessary was abetted by skills gained in those two years as a Zete. As I recall my eleven-year career in the Army, I am reminded that if one is willing to do the work it is possible to achieve your dreams.”

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