Fall 2023 Recruitment and Expansion Update

As the Fall 2023 semester is in full swing, many chapters are in Fall recruitment. As our REC team connects weekly with our Phis, we receive reports of solid recruitment numbers among our chapters. We want to commend all of our chapters for their hard work recruiting new members into their chapters this year.

We look forward to continually being updated throughout the fall semester on our chapters’ continued recruitment successes.

We are in the middle of two large re-chartering projects this semester: the return of the Theta Chapter at the University of Connecticut and the Pi Sigma Chapter at Penn State University. We have seen significant success with expansion efforts at UConn, recently securing 14 bids, and plan to continue to recruit more individuals to build a larger new member class. Throughout October, we will have staff and alumni on campus at Penn State University to recruit and connect with interested students to reestablish our Pi Sigma Chapter.

If you know of any students at the University of Connecticut or Penn State University who could be potential brothers, please refer them to us by using the Recommend a Brother form. If you know any students looking to join a fraternity on any other campus but have not found the right fit, please refer them to us, and we will find time to connect with them. This can be for any campus with a Zeta Psi chapter or a campus where Zeta Psi could expand.

Be on the lookout for the November UpZete regarding information on other expansion projects for Fall 2023 and announcements for future expansion projects in Spring 2024.

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