Brotherhood is Needed Now More Than Ever

A message from Stuart Bowers, Phi Alpha 137

The COVID-19 crisis has caused lives to be turned upside down. Many of us are sheltered at home having limited contact with our loved ones, while others are on the front line in hospitals, stores, supply chain, or working critical occupations that require physical presence. This is not what anyone imagined when we started the year and made resolutions of all types.

We know these changes are stressful to many, and even the unknown time frame for a return to normalcy causes worry and angst.

This is when the Zeta Psi Brotherhood matters more than ever. Beyond your own family, you have a circle of Zete brothers who care about you, and vice versa. You might not be able to visit them in-person, but why not use the time to connect with them? How are they doing in this shelter at home world? Are they still able to work? Are they safe and healthy? Are they coping well and keeping a positive attitude for the future?

Please think about five Zete brothers that you haven’t heard from in the last week. Text/message them and find a good time for the two of you to connect and catch up. Either through phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or other, have a good catch up conversation – let them know you care about them, and make sure they are doing well. Be open to discuss how you are coping. Your Zete brothers care about you, and you care about them. During these tough times, be the one that reaches out and starts the conversation.

I hope, regardless of where we are during this crisis, that we remember some positive things that came out of it – among those, reconnecting and spending some good moments talking to our brothers, and sharing our love throughout The Circle.

Yours in TKPhi,
Stuart Bowers (Phi Epsilon ’81)
Zeta Psi Phi Alpha 137

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