ZetOr Games

Zetor Games is an exciting annual philanthropy event that began in 2015. The event has raised an impressive $56K for The Goodtimes Project, a non-profit organization that operates Camp Goodtimes.

Zetor Games is an “Amazing Race” event that takes place throughout the University campus and district. Teams compete against each other to complete a series of challenges and win the race. The event is fun and competitive and serves as a fundraiser for a great cause.

The Goodtimes Project is a non-profit organization that raises money for and operates Camp Goodtimes, a summer camp for kids with cancer and their siblings on Vashon Island. The mission of the camp is to provide an emotional cure for pediatric cancer. Children fighting cancer and their siblings get to experience the week of their lives during their struggles.

Phi Lambda’s current members and those living in the house during the summer will each join teams as tour guides for the city and be stationed around marked locations as lookouts. Some of the locations include historical Seattle around the hotel and the Suzzallo Library, named after one of the chapter’s founding members and the University President at the time. Overall, Zetor Games is an event that brings together the community to have fun, compete, and support a great cause.