LTI Sessions

Thank you for attending the 2020 Virtual Convention. All LTI sessions have concluded. Thanks to all of the presenters and attendees.

Careers in Finance: Alumni Panel for Aspiring Students

Moderator: Alex Pruce

Zeta Psi Alumni participate in a panel discussion of their careers in finance. Participants will learn why they pursued careers in finance, what were their paths to get there, how certain roles and teams differ, and more based on participant questions.

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NIC Elder Discussion

Supporting Your Members as an Alumnus: Alumni IFC and Resources

Zeta Psi Elders will join NIC COO Mike McRee to have a frank discussion about Fall 2020 and how to be best positioned for the challenges ahead.

How Fraternities Can Help Save Student Government in the U.S.

Facilitator: Justin Patrick

Participants will learn about the integral role fraternities have played in the development of campus-level student representation in the United States from the 18th to early 20th ventures, the history of student government and its relevance to fraternal life, and problems facing student government in the US. Participants will discuss and brainstorm how good student government contributes to good fraternal life and how both systems can be improved.

The Torch Program: Level 1

Facilitators: Zeta Psi’s Ritual Committee

Zeta Psi members will learn more about the 5 points and Zeta Psi ritual with a discussion and Q & A session.

Back to the Future: Tradition, Reception, Legacy

Facilitator: Alan van den Arend

How do we balance debts to our shared Fraternal past with the needs of our common institutional future? Using concrete examples from Zeta Psi’s history, we will explore that question through three different frameworks: “tradition”, “reception”, and “legacy”. In each instance, we will investigate the affordances and constraints which these frameworks provide for us as engaged members of both our local chapters and Zeta Psi internationally. Our object will be a richer and deeper connection with the Fraternity’s past, a stronger commitment to its present, and renewed vigor for building its future in the 21st century.

Hazing Reform

Panel discussion on SB 38, the recently passed Texas hazing reform bill, and why we need to do more with Parents and Alumni for Student Safety (PASS) founder Jay Maguire (IA’92), PASS Board President L. Robin French III, NIC Executive Director Jud Horras, Texas State Sen. Judith Zaffirini, and Parents United to Stop Hazing (PUSH) founder Jim Piazza, who lost his son Tim to hazing at Penn State.

Leading Imperfectly Keynote

James Robilotta is a professional speaker, personal coach, entrepreneur, and author of Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings. He speaks to willing and unwilling audiences internationally about authentic leadership and promoting memorability.

Transgender Individuals Information Session

Facilitator: Anastasia Marcella

Participants will learn general information about individuals in the transgender community such as: terminology, gender identity versus sexuality, aspects of transition, pronouns and preferred names, rights for transgender individuals like access to public facilities such as bathrooms and locker rooms. Discussion and Q&A will occur throughout presentation.

An Honest Conversation About Accountability and Race

Facilitator: Nicki Rowlett

Being White and talking about social injustices can be challenging and complex – but it is not impossible, so long as you are willing to put in the work. This interactive session will guide you in reflecting on and defining social identities, allyship, and how to engage in meaningful dialog around race. We will discuss concepts of power, privilege, and prejudice, and how they contribute to social injustices in fraternities.

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One Love: Healthy Relationships during COVID-19

Join Zeta Psi’s preferred philanthropic partner to learn about the updated 10 signs of a healthy relationship and how to apply those lessons to our current world.


Checking-In or Checking-Out?

Facilitator: Caitlyn Westfall

In this session, we will explore how we are building and strengthening bonds of brotherhood in our chapters as well as how we make sure our organization stays relevant when we can’t gather the way we are used to.

Emotional Intelligence

Facilitators: Maurice Ducoing and Will Woldenberg

Participants will learn about the differences between IQ and EQ, becoming self-aware and able to self-regulate your internal state, and how to apply EQ to social skills. This session will also explore how emotional intelligence can impact you in your organization and/or workplace.

Living With Trauma

Facilitator: Danielle Bostick

Participants will learn information about trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); how trauma can affect individuals suffering from PTSD and also the people in their lives.

You Need to Post: Fraternities and Social Media

Facilitator: Guillermo Flores

We are going virtual and this means we will really need to share our experience when it comes to recruiting new members. Social media is how we share our brand and its story. During this presentation we will go over creating a social media plan, content that will stick with your audience, and how to engage your alumni with your chapter.


Facilitator: Tyler Boisvert

Participants will learn the importance of having a specific brand identity that is understood by the chapter, campus, and community. Information will be shared on how the brand identity will assist with recruitment in virtual and in person settings.

Values Based Recruitment in a Virtual World

Once you’ve understood your chapter’s brand, now it is time to understand your chapter’s values and actions. In this session, we will not only look into what your chapter is doing to recruit, but to identify characteristics of new members you are looking for and activities that will achieve the quantity and quality of members you want.

PhiredUp Advisor Training

PhiredUp Advisor Training

Join Josh Orendi from Phired Up for a lively discussion on how elder leaders can support Recruitment this fall and beyond.

Hiring Process

Facilitator: Dylan Hughes

Participants will learn about the hiring process from the side of the interviewer and how to ensure a hiring process is an inclusive environment that attracts diverse candidates.

Breaking into data science and technical marketing

Breaking Into Data Science and Technical Marketing

Facilitator: Michael Tich

Participants will gain information on how to break into marketing and data science through networking advice, a case study, and Q & A.

Accessibility in a virtual world

Accessibility in a Virtual World

Facilitator: Aubrey Hense

If someone went on your website or profile with their eyes closed, would they still be able to find their way around? If you posted an event flyer on Instagram, would someone be able to know when and where the event was? For our virtual programs, are students who are hard of hearing able to participate? 90% of college aged students use social media. We need to do what we can so those students can access our posts, videos, pictures, and information on social media and our websites. In this session, we will explore different accessibility options for social media, websites, and virtual programs to make them accessible to everyone.

Creating a culture of authenticity

Every Member a Leader: Creating a Culture of Authenticity

Facilitator: Abbi Hanson Allen

A chapter will be strongest when all members feel bought in, heard, and identify as an active contributor. Leadership takes all forms and functions and chapters can work to create an environment that is both authentic and inclusive to help foster the connections and teamwork needed to overcome challenges.

Equity and Inclusion

Towards Brotherhood Equity and Inclusion in Greek Structures

Facilitator: Salvador Herrera

In this program participants will learn about the meaning of diversity, inclusion, and equity, along with the need to move beyond the first term by cultivating the later two.

Finances and COVID-19

Finances & COVID-19

Facilitator: Kevin Ziegler

Participants will learn how to best handle chapter finances within the context of COVID-19. This session will explore budgeting tactics, reporting, and forecasting.

Check your Privilege

Facilitator: Ryan Lauglin

Participants will hear stories about privilege and learn how to recognize injustices in their own life. Information will be provided on how to be a better ally and make the work toward justice a consistent part of the Zeta Psi experience.

New member education in the COVID-19 Era

Developing New Member Education Programs in the Era of COVID-19

Facilitator: Nicki Rowlett

Is the new member process still relevant? COVID-19 has flipped our current systems upside down; we need to pivot our new member processes in order to sustain our organizations. Join us as we discuss best practices for building new member programs in a hybrid or virtual environment!

Careers in Law: Alumni Panel for Aspiring Students

Moderator: Alex Pruce

Zeta Psi Alumni participate in a panel discussion of their careers in law. Participants will learn why they pursued careers in law, what were their paths to get there, how certain roles and teams differ, and more based on participant questions.

Setting expectations for alumni

Setting Expectations for Volunteer Organizations-Alumni

Facilitator: Will Woldenberg

Participants will have a conversation about what is important in motivating teams with shared values, but without pay as a motivating factor. The session will focus on four major aspects from the leader: setting the example, constant optimism, “open door” communications, and priority setting with shared accountability.

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Interfraternalism and NIC Standards

Facilitator: Will Foran

Learn how the NIC Standards impact your chapter, IFC, and University and the power in the Interfraternal movement.

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OneLove: Implementing Remotely

Explore new ways to introduce One Love training in a virtual setting. Hear about recent experiences and new course offerings from Zeta Psi’s preferred Philanthropic Partner.