Virtual Convention 2020

Logo for Zeta Psi's Virtual Convention.At this point, gaining perspective on what has changed in the past six months is almost impossible. The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has stopped in-person education at all of our universities, forced the end of residential operations throughout Zeta Psi and precluded the ability to travel to a Convention site for the first time since World War II. Zeta Psi got to work and built a new online Convention in just a few short weeks. We may be a 173-year-old organization, but we can be pretty nimble when we need to be — and did we ever need to be nimble!

Instead of four beautiful summer days in Seattle, Washington, in which we would have celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Phi Lambda chapter at the University of Washington, Zeta Psi’s convention encompassed 12 days of virtual events and programs. LTIs began on Monday, August 3rd, and programming continued through Saturday, August 15th. Many of the highlights were captured onvideo thanks to Stone Lyons of the Delta Chi (American University) chapter.

Key Convention highlights:

The Phi Alpha’s Address by D. Stuart Bowers, Phi Epsilon (Maryland) ’81

The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Les Mann, Phi Lambda (Washington) ’74.

The Comstock Award was presented to the Theta Phi Chapter at Western University.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Outstanding Chapter Awards were presented to 15 Zete Chapters with the McElroy Order of Excellence for consistent outstanding performance being presented to the Alpha Psi Chapter at McGill University.

Major Elder Awards presented:

Robert Edgmon, Iota Alpha (Texas) ’88 and Phi Lambda (Washington) received the James H. McLaughlin Interfraternity Service Award.

Jay Maguire, Iota Alpha (Texas)’92 received the Henry M. Elliot, Volunteer of the Year Award.

Gregory McElroy, Phi (NYU) ’70, received the Admiral James J. Carey Leadership Award.

Will Wright, Alpha Pi (Va. Tech) ’03 received the Alumni Advisor of the Year.

Zeta Psi presented Outstanding Alumnus and Awards of Merit to many noteworthy elders.

Major Undergraduate Awards:

Sam Tuckerman, Eta (Yale) ’20, was awarded the Red Grange Award for helping the Yale University football team win the 2019 Ivy League Championship as its all-conference placekicker.


The Phi Alpha Award is an award presented to the 5 most outstanding individuals in Zeta Psi, with dedicated service to the organization, every year. For this year, Phi Alpha Stuart Bowers awards the highest distinction for any undergraduate to the following individuals:

Joe Fahnestock, Alpha Epsilon, is a junior studying Computational Physics. He was the Chapter Phi in 2019 and continued his service as Sigma Rho and Rush Chair in 2020. Joe has been a dedicated member ever since he was initiated, having passed the Level 2 Torch exam. At this year’s Midwest LTI, he also facilitated an LTI session for One Love Foundation

Gavin Tasker, Kappa Chapter, is a past chapter Delta, and this year won the Lewis F. Manly prize for excellence in both economics and athletics at Tufts University. On top of his dedication to his academics and to Zeta Psi he was also the captain of the Tufts soccer team, which won the D-3 National championship 3 out of the past 4 years.

Armin Tavakkoli, Psi Epsilon, is the Valedictorian of the 2020 class, with a 4.0 GPA, a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and a dedicated brother to the Psi Epsilon Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity.

Alex Viscount, Phi Epsilon, is a former chapter President with a tremendous focus on engagement with the Alumni Association, the University and Zeta Psi Fraternity. He quickly developed into one of the best and most dedicated leaders of our organization and became a role model for every young Zete initiated at the University of Maryland.

Drew Williamson, Alpha Pi, was a chapter President who led the chapter through a tumultuous term that could’ve closed many chapters but because of his leadership and strong partnership with the Office of Fraternity Sorority Life, the Alumni Association and Zeta Psi IHQ, the chapter emerged stronger and ready to improve.


Congratulations to this year’s Phi Alpha Award Winners.