The Honor Campaign

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Honor Campaign is to create a healthy, safe, and constructive environment for every member of Zeta Psi, from their time as a new member and active through their lives as elders. It shall create a positive new member education process for every chapter, stressing mutual respect and prohibiting hazing activities, which will embody the ideals of the Zeta Psi Fraternity. The Honor Campaign will also help chapters teach and conduct the ritual and traditions of Zeta Psi in an exemplary manner.

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The program is designed to ensure the long-term viability of every chapter. Every member is educated through Leadership Training Institutes, appropriate new member education and proper ritual training, encouraging our members to act honorably.


The program takes into account each school’s new member education restrictions and rules. If a chapter only has four weeks, then the program can condense to four weeks. Whatever the college/University’s guidelines are, the program design is to incorporate them all.


We understand our chapters’ needs to incorporate chapter specific education into the program and it allows for and takes into account this need. The campaign’s design is to open communications about what each chapter is teaching so that every chapter ensures a positive education program.


Every chapter is expected to be following the guidelines of their college/University and Zeta Psi. Implementation of the program will be a full two-year process at each chapter. The Honor Campaign will be advocated for at every chapter visit, Leadership Training Institute (LTI), Kirby Leadership Conference (Phi’s Conference) and Convention.


The Honor Campaign is just beginning at the end of the two-year implementation process. Every active, elder and their prospective chapters and associations need to continue on the path of an honorable new member education process. Since hazing can occur when any one brother decides to act irresponsible, and therefore it takes the entire brotherhood to combat hazing.

How to get involved?

Every new member should be made known of this program at the beginning of their new member education period. Every active should try to strive to make their chapter of Zeta Psi the best it can be. There is no chapter that will ultimately succeed if it includes hazing. Every Elder must also adhere to the Honor Campaign’s goals of mutual respect, trust and brotherhood to set a good example for younger members of the Fraternity. Zeta Psi’s Honor Campaign is a long-term project. Hazing will never be eradicated in the fraternal world without each individual brother taking up the fight individually. The Honor campaign is a continuance since our first statement denouncing hazing in 1883. Please stand up for Honor. Stand up for Trust. Stand up for our Brotherhood. Enjoy Zeta Psi the way it was meant to be; lifelong.