Now and Forever Campaign

Brother will you join us?

The Now and Fovever Campaign is a capital campaign, inspired by 175th anniversary, with the aim of raising money for the next 175 years of operations across the Zeta Psi Fraternity, Zeta Psi Educational Foundation and Zeta Psi Foundation of Canada.

Why fraternity matters

To our members

  • Improved learning gains
  • More academic engagement
  • Higher graduation rates

To our communities

  • More campus involvement
  • Higher levels of interaction with people different from themselves

To our mental health

  • Higher levels of positive mental health
  • Higher satisfaction with the college experience

Campaign priorities

Networking and Mentoring

Realizing the promise of lifelong brotherhood

Our goal

Increase elders actively engaged with Zeta Psi after graduation. Recruit the next generation of loyal leaders to shepherd the legacy of Zeta Psi forward.

How we achieve it

Provide mentorship, job and internship connection opportunities to all members through elder chapters and online resources.

Member Education and LMS

Leveraging the talents of our brothers

Our goal

Share Zeta Psi membership’s wealth of talent and knowledge with every member who seeks it.

How we achieve it

To build on our Leadership Training Institutes, a learning management system (LMS) will serve as an on-demand permanent training library.


Increasing opportunity and access

Our goal

Provide individual student support to ensure financial concerns are never a barrier to the Zete experience.

How we achieve it

Increasing our scholarship pool will allow greater rewards for worthy members.

Expansion and Recruitment

75 from 175

Our goal

By 2027, Zeta Psi will be active on 75 different campuses worldwide.

How we achieve it

Zeta Psi has a history of success restarting groups with the aid of outside specialists over the past several years—and a considerable portion of their work can be supported by gifts to the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation.

Digitizing Archives

Ensuring our history lives forever

Our goal

To ensure the rich history of Zeta Psi is easily accessible to all members worldwide and preserved for future generations.

How we achieve it

A digital museum from HistoryIT will create a searchable archive of historic Zeta Psi photos, documents, and publications.

For more information or to make a gift to the Now and Forever Campaign, please contact us.


The Now and Forever Campaign is an effort led by our volunteers.