Heritage Society

We would like to express appreciation to members of a special giving club, the Heritage Society. For 50 years, alumni have been providing annual support to the educational foundations. Yet, at some point, that support disappears as each member’s estate eventually loses the ability to continue providing support. To ensure continuity of our annual support, the Heritage Society offers special recognition to members who have pledged to endow their annual gifts into perpetuity.

Heritage PinMembership does not require hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations. Indeed, the Heritage Society is designed to be accessible to everyone. The Heritage Society simply requests your pledge to contribute 20 times your average annual contribution. In so doing, you will endow your annual contribution into perpetuity. The Zeta Psi Educational Foundation will invest your Heritage Society contribution, and draw from the annual earnings to finance scholarships and educational activities.

Your pledge need not be paid immediately. All you need do is incorporate your pledge into your will, or invest a small amount into a whole life policy with the appropriate foundation as the beneficiary. Please join hundreds of members in pledging your annual gift forever. E-mail Barth Gillan and we will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

All Heritage Society members are invited to attend a reception held in their honor, during each annual convention.

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