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It’s never too early to begin building your personal legacy. Did you have a life-changing experience at Leadership Training Institute you would like to share with future Zetes? Maybe you were the recipient of a scholarship and would like to pay it forward? Zeta Psi offers a number of options for you to make a gift to the Fraternity or to the Zeta Psi Educational Foundation.

Is my online donation secure?

Zeta Psi does not collect, transfer, or store your payment information. We have contracted with reputable, verified 3rd party providers of payment solutions to ensure that our members payment information is safe and secure.


1. Participate in the 1847 Pledge

For the fourth year in a row, Zeta Psi is excited to bring back the 1847 Pledge Challenge. During these uncertain times, we believe we must support each other now more than ever before. Participate in the 1847 Pledge Challenge in support of your chapter today!

Participate in the 1847 Pledge Challenge

2. Donate to the Educational Foundation

For over 50 years, these tax deductible donations have helped ensure our ability to support the academic mission of Zeta Psi. The Educational Foundation provides over $120,000 each year towards individual scholarships and our unparalleled Leadership Training Institute programming.

Donate to the Educational Foundation

3. Zete4Life

Support Your Chapter and the International Fraternity 

Join Now (USD & CAD)

Zete4Life LogoThe “Zete4Life” program gives you the power to direct your support. With half of your donation going to your Chapter (or the Chapter of your choosing) and the remainder supporting Zeta Psi’s initiatives.
All this via a simple, monthly recurring contribution program via your credit card (US/CDN$) or bank account (US$ only). Giving options include $1 per week (charged $13 per quarter) for new Elders or a monthly donation for an amount of your choice. The system will process credit card transactions and direct withdrawals on a regular, user scheduled basis.

The web page is secure, and no credit card or bank information is ever stored on our or our supplier’s servers. Your donation will be charged to your credit card or bank account, and a recurring subscription will be set up as well.

Your support of the Educational Foundation ensures the continued academic excellence of our undergraduate brothers.

4. Donate to the Canadian Foundation

Donate to the Canadian Foundation

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