COVID-19 Statement

The international spread of COVID-19 in our communities has impacted every college and University and changed the daily routines of all Zeta Psi members worldwide. Zeta Psi is committed to supporting our chapters, individual members, and communities in any way possible during this emergency.

Please reference this page for general recommendations on chapter operations, but above all else be sure to follow specific advisories issued by your campus or local, state/province, and national health authorities.  Wear your masks!

Update for 11/19:

The Center for Disease Control has issued new guidance suggesting that travelling home over the American Thanksgiving is not the safest choice.  We encourage all students to read the new guidance and to consult with their family what choices to make regarding travel.

Active Chapter Operations

  • Zeta Psi chapters are expected to operate in the Fall in accordance with local guidance.
  • If a member is diagnosed as COVID positive, please immediately contact IHQ for support.
  • We encourage chapters to support each other through regular contact while maintaining physical distancing in accordance with government and campus recommendations.
  • While many activities have been disrupted, there are still ongoing opportunities for brotherhood, academics, service, recruitment, and career guidance/mentoring.
  • Chapters should be reworking their operational plans as the situation evolves.  Safety, recruitment, and finances are primary considerations.
  • Chapter leaders should meet with their designated IHQ represented each week.
  • Chapters should be collecting dues and maintaining critical operations.
  • Chapter leaders should be coordinating with other fraternities, IFC, and all campus resources.
  • The Emergency Initiation Authorization remains in effect. We encourage chapters to utilize this authorization when necessary to welcome new members into Zeta Psi.  Initiations must be done responsibly and in accordance with the law and local regulations.

Elder Chapter Operations

  • Elder Chapters are encouraged to meet regularly for social or business matters via video conference.
  • Elder Chapters should be supporting the Active Chapters particularly in the areas of safe housing, insurance, finances, and recruitment.
  • Elder Chapter leaders are encouraged to join in or monitor weekly meetings between Active leaders and IHQ staff.

IHQ Operations

  • IHQ Staff are all working with chapters and chapter leaders daily. Chapter leaders are encouraged to reach out via Basecamp.
  • The 173rd Annual Convention was conducted virtually with over 500 attendees.  The LTI program will continue virtually through the Fall semester at least.  No decision has been made about how to conduct new President Training (i.e. Kirby).
  • Zeta Psi Educational Foundation has authorized an emergency scholarship fund to assist active members that require financial assistance this academic year.  More than $100,000 has been raised between the US and Canada.  Applications closed on October 15.  Grants are in the process of being distributed.
  • The International Headquarters building in Pearl River, NY is closed to visitors until further notice.
  • There is no planned travel for IHQ staff at this time.  All services, including upcoming Leadership Training Institute programs will continue to be delivered remotely using Zoom, Basecamp, and electronic communications.
  • Zeta Psi masks have been sent to all US Active Chapters and will be mailed to Canadian chapters in the coming days.   Please contact for more information.

Important Resources

Questions or Resource Requests

Chapter Officers and Elders — Please post a message on your chapter Basecamp, if you have access. If you do not have access to Basecamp, please contact:

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