1847 Pledge Challenge Smashes Records!

To all the Brothers of Zeta Psi and friends – we have done it, this 5th annual 1847 Pledge Challenge is officially over. In 2021, we recorded 1252 participants representing 64 chapters. These results are nothing short of amazing as we’ve doubled the 2020 participation rates. Over 5 years, we’ve had 3557 pledges from 78 Chapters.

We had 701 American Brothers, 498 Canadian Brothers, and 19 European Brothers who are currently living in 10 countries and 5 continents take the 1847 pledge.

Some amazing brothers who wanted to make sure to honor and remember our fallen brothers, as such we have a create a Chapter Eternal to remember our fellow brothers wherever they may be.

The 1847 committee recognizes Pierce Marshall (Beta Tau/Tulane ’90) for being participant 1,000 in the Challenge, and reaching out goal. Our final tally was 1,252 participants (and they’re still coming in!). We also wanted to call out Beta Tau, the point of the 1847 challenge is to drive participation and that is the number driving the competition, but Beta Tau/Tulane brothers donated over $15,000 to Zeta Psi.

We also wanted to recognize Phi Epsilon/University of Maryland – as the first chapter to cross every milestone; first to 18, first to 47, first to 100, and for setting the pace for every chapter, many thanks.

Grand Champion: Alpha Theta (University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University)
US Champion: Phi Epsilon (University of Maryland)
Canadian Champion: Theta Xi (University of Toronto)
EU Champion: Psi Omicron (Paris)
Young Chapter Champion: Zeta Tau (Michigan State University)
Phoenix Chapter (currently inactive): Gamma (Syracuse University)

None of this happens without the dedications of the 1847 Volunteer leaders and project staff — Chairman John Lee, Alpha Theta/Waterloo ’07, Jay Maguire, Iota Alpha/Texas ’92, Calvin Daum, Theta Eta/Brock ’21, Stone Lyons, Delta Chi/American ’15, Richard Wingert, Pi Tau ’12, and our Foundation Treasurer and Fundraising chair, John Spohn, Pi/Rensselaer ’81.