40 under 40 — Anthony Abbate

Phi, 2007 — Recognized in: 2020

Photo of Anthony Abbate.Anthony Abbate is another individual whose name will ring a bell to many involved in Zeta Psi. Graduating from the Phi Chapter in 2007, Anthony joined Zeta Psi Staff for a number of years as IHQ’s Director of Operations. While working for the fraternity, Anthony helped oversee a number of initiatives, the effects of which still resonate throughout Zeta Psi today. One such example is the founding of Zeta Psi’s first European chapter, the Iota Omicron at Oxford University.

Following his time on staff, Anthony utilized his marketing and management studies to further his career in various areas. Today, Anthony is an Account Executive and Manager of Customer Service at Octopart, a search engine for electronic component information.

“Not often do you find different situations having the same solution. I think it’s important to be able to think quickly and outside the box to find a resolution that fits your needs and your audience.”

Anthony is still heavily involved in Zeta Psi’s international operations as a volunteer to this day. His work with the Educational Foundation’s Leadership Training Institute has been invaluable over the years, and if you’ve attended a Convention or Phis’ Conference in the past decade then you’ve almost certainly had the pleasure of attending one of his sessions.

You can connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

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