Kasold Elder Convention Grant

Zeta Psi Educational Foundation is accepting applications for the initial Rick Kasold Elder Convention Attendance Grant for Elders seeking financial support to attend their first Convention.

Br. Kasold (Pi/RPI ’70) pictured on the left with fellow Pi brothers,  loved Conventions and meeting Zetes from all over the world.


This grant is intended to bring new Elders — whether young or old — to the International Conventions — and serve as a lasting tribute to a great friend and Brother.  The 2023 Seattle Convention will be held July 20-23, 2023.  The link provides the Convention details.  Apply by May 15, 2023

Kasold Elder Convention Scholarship

Br. Rick Kasold, Pi (RPI) '70 found the Zeta Psi Conventions later in his life and attended regularly for the rest of his time with us. Rick loved all Zetes and wanted others to have the opportunity to experience first-hand true Zeta Psi Fellowship. This grant in intended to help a Zete attend their first Convention as an Elder. Recipients are expected to help select future recipients.

Ex. Phi
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Scholarship awards cover the standard Convention Registration Fee of $500. Recipients cover their own transportation and lodging costs. If awarded a scholarship, I will commit to attending the Convention.
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