COVID Guidance — December 2021

Phi Epsilon (Maryland) proudly displaying the World championship belt

The international spread of COVID-19 in our communities has impacted every college and University and changed the daily routines of all Zeta Psi members worldwide. Zeta Psi is committed to supporting our chapters, individual members, and communities throughout the pandemic.  Active members are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted when you are eligible.  The data is clear — you and your fellow chapter members will be safer when vaccinated. 

Please reference this page for general recommendations on chapter operations, but above all else be sure to follow specific advisories issued by your campus or local, state/province, and national health authorities.

UPDATED: November 30, 2021


  • Zeta Psi chapters are expected to operate in accordance with local and University guidance.  
  • Vaccinations are strongly recommended for all members and chapters may wish to require evidence of vaccination for those living in chapter-controlled congregate living (like a fraternity house.) 
  • If a member is diagnosed as COVID positive, please immediately contact IHQ for support. Cooperate fully with any contact tracing or quarantine regimens.
  • We encourage chapters to support each other through regular contact in accordance with government and campus recommendations.
  • While some activities have been disrupted, we strongly encourage ongoing appropriate opportunities for brotherhood, academics, service, recruitment, and career guidance/mentoring.  Limiting attendance at events may be prudent.  
  • Chapters should be reworking their plans as the situation evolves.  Safety, recruitment, and finances are primary considerations.  
  • Chapter leaders are expected to be conducting weekly one on ones with assigned IHQ staff.
  • Chapters are encouraged to operate safely given the local conditions.  For some, that may mean most activities are similar to before the pandemic; for others, that may mean that group activities are often virtual.  Use good judgement.  
  • Chapter leaders should be coordinating with other fraternities, IFC, and all campus resources.
  • The Emergency Initiation Authorization remains in effect. We encourage chapters to utilize this authorization when necessary to welcome new members into Zeta Psi.  Initiations must be done responsibly and in accordance with the law and local regulations.  In no case, should a new member experience a longer than normal new member program.  


  • Elder Chapters are encouraged to meet regularly virtually or in-person for social or business matters in accordance with governmental regulations.  
  • Elder Chapters should be supporting the Active Chapters particularly in the areas of safe housing, insurance, finances, and recruitment.
  • Elder Chapter leaders are encouraged to work with assigned IHQ staff on chapter goals and objectives.
  • Elder Chapters should conduct an annual general meeting at the appropriate time of the year.  Elder chapters may request Zoom access for meetings.


  • IHQ Staff are all working with chapters and chapter leaders daily. Chapter leaders are encouraged to reach out via Basecamp.
  • The LTI program plans to return to in-person LTIs starting in 2022, beginning with the Kirby Presidents Conference in January.  Chapter attendance requirements have been revised given the conditions and the roll-out of the Learning Management System.
  • The International Headquarters building in Pearl River, NY, may be visited by appointment.  Please contact any member of the IHQ staff.
  • IHQ travel has resumed where practical.  It is our plan to visit every chapter in person this academic year.  
  • The 2022 Convention is expected to be held in person from August 17-21, 2022.  Our host hotel is the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.  Zeta Psi will comply with all local, state, and federal regulations with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Chapter Officers and Elders — Please post a message on your chapter Basecamp if you have access. If you do not have access to Basecamp, please contact: