CREATIVE BRIEF: Zeta Psi Social Media Kit


For Zeta Psi Fraternity and Zeta Psi Educational Foundation to continue to thrive, we must improve our ability to tell Zeta Psi’s story, share the successes and achievements of our chapters and individual members, promote awareness of/participation in the tremendous benefits of membership in Zeta Psi, raise the resources needed in order to provide and build upon those benefits, and further establish Zeta Psi as a premier Greek letter organization.

Accomplishing these goals demands that we improve communications between Zeta Psi’s international leadership and key audiences, such as our active and elder chapters, regional alumni clubs, individual members (both active and elder), prospective members and other interested parties, including families, friends, university communities and the broader Greek community.

With Zeta Psi’s 175th anniversary fast approaching, now is the time to make progress that will allow us to mark that landmark achievement throughout 2022, and will position our Brotherhood to achieve and celebrate many more achievements in the years and decades ahead.


To meet the objectives above, the Communications Committee has identified a strong need to develop a comprehensive social media kit to guide Zeta Psi’s active chapters, elder chapters, and regional alumni clubs in developing and sharing content that tells their respective stories, marks brothers’ achievements both individually and collectively, and further establishes Zeta Psi’s strong brand.

That kit will include/address the following deliverables/priorities:

  • Establishes guidance for Chapters to develop and share social media content that is in line with Zeta Psi’s brand standards. Themes for content should include:
    • Fun/brotherhood/competition
    • Leadership/service/philanthropy
    • Scholarship/academic achievement
    • Careers/networking
    • Events/operations 
  • Establishes a system by which the international organization can solicit and share/amplify quality content from its constituent active and elder chapters and regional associations, which can be vetted on a rolling basis by IHQ staff/interns.
  • This should include an introductory message to chapter/RAC leaders briefly laying out the request for photos/videos/brief written captions/content spanning the five messaging themes above to the degree possible. 
  • The content gathered from Zete chapters and RACs can provide material not only for Zeta Psi IHQ’s social media platforms, but for the website, newsletters, The Circle, and more. This content will also help us to preserve the story of Zeta Psi for future generations of Zetes.
  • A good benchmark could be to ask for one piece of content per month for actives and 1-2 per quarter from elder/RAC leaders per month, based on their opportunity. The message should include clear directions for how to submit the content (via Basecamp), and IHQ should remind active and elder leaders perhaps once monthly within their existing flow of communications, following up 1×1 with chapters from which we should, but are not, receiving content.
  • Create a shared image library where approved Zeta Psi trademarks, logos, and images can be used by chapters.  Curate contributions from chapters and members that are appropriate to be shared.
  • Work with IHQ staff to establish and pressure test the infrastructure to execute the above beginning in the fall semester of 2021.


We believe it is important to roll this social media kit out to chapters in the fall semester of 2021, and to make adjustments to the kit at the close of the fall semester based on our learnings and feedback. 

To that end, we request that the kit be in final or nearly final form by August 13th, so that it may be previewed for Zetes when we gather for Zeta Psi’s international convention on August 18-22, 2021. 


This is a focused paid internship opportunity.  The project has been allocated up to 100 hours at a rate of $15/hour.  The intern will report to the Foundation’s Executive Director.  The internship is fully remote with no travel and no set hours.  If you are interested in applying or have questions, please contact  Please include a brief cover letter that explains how you are the right person for this internship and what resources and guidance you will need to be successful.